Inspire Beauty While You Increase the Value of Your Home

You want to live in a home that you are proud of… A place where you feel inspired. It’s time for you to get started on changes that will increase the value of your home with some aesthetic appeal.


 If you’re like most people, the idea of home improvement projects can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. Does your Cleveland area home need some upgrades, but you just aren’t sure where to begin? Our advice to you is to just get started. That’s the toughest part. Start small, and take it from there. Finished results of just one project will inspire you to make your house all it can be. More advice? Focus on projects that will increase the value of your home – the elements of your home that will improve your lifestyle, that will make you feel good about yourself. We have some home-inspiring ideas to get you thinking about your next project.


First impressions are everything!

Right now, you probably aren’t thinking about the outdoors very much, unless it has to do with shoveling. However, with the “warmer” weather we have experienced lately, you may have gotten a bit of spring fever! It’s never too early to plan. Outdoor clean up after winter is always a good idea, as is the planning of gardens and landscaping. Start now, and plan to increase the value of your home with planting, mulching and power washing. Springtime will be here before you know it, and you’ll feel exhilarated to come home to an upgraded exterior.


Did You Know?

Custom window coverings can add to the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of your home. Consistency with color and style can add to the look of your home. Hunter Douglas has options for street view so you are able to easily show a clean, organized appearance.



The Key is the Kitchen.

The kitchen is a central, and very busy, location in most homes. It is also known to be the room where upgrades count the most. If you want to increase the value of your home, focus on projects that will maximize the aesthetics and function of this all-important room. Small changes, such as exchanging the hardware or adding a fresh coat of paint, will add personality and an updated look. Other, more involved projects, such as adding new countertops, painting or refacing cabinets, or purchasing new appliances, are more of an investment, but will certainly increase the value of your home.


Did You Know?

It’s easy to forget about window coverings for your kitchen, but they can be an invaluable addition. Proper light control and energy efficiency will provide your home with amazing benefits and cost savings down the road, not to mention the satisfaction you will experience as you adjust the light for just the right atmosphere.


The Bathroom.

You spend time in the bathroom trying to make yourself look your best. Shouldn’t it be an environment that makes you feel good about yourself? Besides the kitchen, this is the other room in your home where the upgrades you do will increase the value of your home. Get started with simple updates: New mirrors, light fixtures and an upgraded showerhead will improve your enjoyment and the function of your bathroom. Changing the decor, or buying yourself new linens will have an effect on you everyday.


Did You Know?

Light control and privacy are the two most important features in bathroom design. Putting makeup on, shaving and a host of other bathroom activities demand just the right light and as much privacy as possible. Both can be achieved with the beauty of custom window treatments!


Bring the Light In.

Adding light sources, as well as updating with new fixtures or chandeliers can increase the value of your home with aesthetically appealing design. Dimmers can provide dramatic atmosphere, along with the functional quality of light control. The beauty of your home will be illuminated with changes in light.


Did You Know?

Custom window coverings provide your home with the ultimate light control, as levels of filtered light create the ideal atmosphere for your family. Daylighting is an easy adjustment that lets in the natural light while blocking the harsh glare. Both functional and beautiful, window coverings can change the light in your home in ways you have never imagined.


Is it time to start a project in your Cleveland area home? Find inspiration to increase the value of your home with these improvement projects. If you are interested in finding out how window coverings can add amazing benefits of light control, energy efficiency, privacy and UV protection to your home, we can help! Contact our team, at Timan Window Treatments for a free, in-home consultation.