East or West Facing Windows? These Window Coverings Will Help!

With all of the snow we’ve been getting here is Cleveland lately, sunshine is probably the only element of weather you want in your life right now. However, too much of anything can be frustrating, as well…including sunshine. Anyone who has a home with windows that face East or West will tell you that there are times during the day when sunshine is a huge burden, no matter the temperature outside. Windows in these locations can provide a host of issues, but fear not! We have the latest innovations in window coverings to create the ideal atmosphere in your home.


East Facing Windows

You start your morning off with the brightness of light, setting a productive tone for the day. The warmth of the rays entering your home can feel comforting after a cool night. That is, until about Ten O’Clock in the morning when that comforting warmth has turned your home into your own personal sauna. Dripping with sweat, you just want to escape that sunshine as it glares through your window. You need window coverings that will offer you the enjoyment of the sun’s rays filtering in.

east facing windows bring in natural light Chagrin Falls OH
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Window coverings can offer you the energy efficiency for a consistent temperature year round. With easy adjustment, you can change the direction of light quickly to fit the time of day. Operating features, such as top down bottom up or scheduled smart shades, will allow you to enjoy the morning light, while blocking the glare. Vignette Modern Roman Shades, seen here, are an example of a window covering that will solve your East facing window troubles.


West Facing Windows

Ahhhh…the elegant beauty of sunset. A multitude of colors, mixed with the evening clouds. West facing windows offer such a dynamic atmosphere for entertaining. Of course, as beautiful of a scene as they offer, West facing windows are often the source of a love/hate relationship. Starting in the early afternoon, they begin to heat your home with blazing intensity, no matter the season.

bare windows create window issues in Cleveland OH

West facing windows will be chasing you away, from noon until night. Is there a way to enjoy that natural light and the beautiful view, while protecting your interiors from harsh light?

sheer shades on floor to ceiling west facing windows in Rocky River OH
Silhouette® Window Shades

There is! Many of our window coverings allow you to diffuse the direct light, creating a glow, while protecting the atmosphere of your home. Not only will the environment be pleasing, but the view is still there to enjoy. Adjustable vanes allow you a range of light control.


What About North or South?

North facing windows won’t bring intense light. What do they bring? Continual glare. Bare windows tend to shine all day long, with no break, but also highs and lows…just constant. That glare can feel exhausting and tiresome, even though it’s not as intense as direct light. Solve your frustrations, and possible need for privacy, with window coverings that adjust easily, depending on the circumstance.

customize your window coverings in Rocky Rover OH
Solera® Soft Roman Shades

South facing windows also offer continual light, but there are times during the day that you’ll feel more direct rays. These windows are a great source of natural light, but may need energy efficient protection or adjustable privacy.  


Get Started with Solutions…

Let the light work for you, and love your windows, with these window covering innovations from Hunter Douglas. You deserve a comfortable atmosphere, and we can help. We would love to guide you through our selections of window coverings based on the locations of your home’s unique windows. Contact our team, at Timan Window Treatments, for a free, in-home consultation.