Be in Control: Window Coverings for Your Doors

Here in Ohio, our doors affect the comfort of our homes in tremendous ways. As high traffic areas, they offer ease of access to outdoor spaces, quick passage for friends, family, and of course, pets. Your doors, more than any other part of your home, need the correct window coverings. While it may depend on the style and location of your doors, they are probably letting in more light and air than you want. That can be very frustrating, especially during specific times of year.


What’s Out There?

Many homeowners feel that solutions don’t exist for doors. Or, if they do, they provide another element of complication. We are here to tell you that we can help! At Timan Window Treatments, we can show you the best window coverings for your doors! Options for light control, energy efficiency, privacy and style are just a phone call away. Here are just a few problems our clients face, with some of our favorite solutions…


You Want Privacy.

Sidelights, otherwise known as Privacy Windows, pose a tricky situation. Privacy Windows – a bit of an oxymoron – were styled to let light in, as well as let the homeowner catch a glimpse who is at the door. What’s the best way to dress them?

Silhouette Window Shadings

For the ultimate experience in adjustable light control, Silhouette Window Shadings provide a modern look with clean lines and an atmosphere of soft, filtered light. The tilt and adjustment of the vanes will direct the light, and the glare will be gone, thanks to the reflective sheer backing.

Entryway with silhouette shades Rocky River, OH
Silhouette® Shades

With an entryway that boasts beautiful windows high above your door, you can heighten the functional use of your window coverings with motorization – scheduled to adjust automatically for the best use of light. Your entryway will provide a stunning look to the front of the house.

Duette Shades

There is no more sought-after benefit of window coverings during this time of year than energy efficiency. The window coverings for your doors and sidelights simply must help with keeping the comfort of your home. Duette Shades offer you the benefits of energy efficiency, in addition to the light control and privacy you prefer.

honeycomb shades in sidelight window in Cleveland home
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

With top/down, bottom/up operation, adjust your window coverings to fit your lifestyle. These window coverings will also provide style, as they complement other windows in the shared space, offering your home the appearance of contemporary styling and clean lines.


You Want Control.

An amazing addition to your home, the beauty of french doors or patio doors offer function and atmosphere. Letting in the natural light, as you view your landscape, is as valuable as the perfect passage to your outdoor space. Most of the time, these doors are set in similar fashion to the windows of your home – simply framed. Do you want window coverings for your doors? You should! Window coverings will prevent the common frustrations we hear about.


Plantation Shutters

With a clean, structured appearance, shutters provide window coverings for your doors that allow levels of privacy, light control and a beautiful view. The customization of your doors can feature a cut-out handle for increased function and style elements to complement the decor of your home, like the contemporary look of paint, or the tradition of wood.

room darkening shutters on glass patio doors in master bedroom Middleburg Heights, OH
Heritance® Hardwood Shutters

You can also choose between rear tilt and front tilt to appeal to your taste. The functional qualities of shutters allow you a range of light control adjustment from wide open to blocked out sunlight.


Vignette Modern Roman Shades

For a softer touch, choose window coverings for your doors that showcase fabrics that coordinate with other window coverings in your home. The fabrics and materials of window coverings for your doors, such as Vignette Modern Roman Shades, provide energy efficiency, light control, privacy and UV protection with designer appeal.

boho living room with glass patio doors
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

With operating features like your other window coverings, you will raise and lower them with ease. The low profile of these window coverings will offer an uncomplicated solution and a unique look.


You Want Efficiency.

This time of year, that sliding glass door can be your biggest problem. Left uncovered, the draft is enough to make you run to turn up the thermostat. Nothing more than a large window during the colder times of year, your sliding glass door needs a solution. During the summer? You probably can’t imagine your life without it – kids, pets – the traffic never stops. You need something durable, something easy.

Skyline Gliding Panels

One of our favorite solutions for sliding glass doors is Skyline Gliding Panels. Contemporary panels offer a gorgeous backdrop when closed, while also allowing you the sleek design as it opens. Complement your home by choosing materials that coordinate with other window coverings in your home. And the ease of maintenance allows a polished look for years to come.

kitchen modern Designer Roller Shades & Skyline® Gliding Window Panels, Formosa Fabric Collection, Stormy Gray roller shade fabrics
Designer Roller Shades & Skyline® Gliding Window Panels

Simple adjustment with a wand means that your kids can operate it, too – perfect for those high traffic areas. Enjoy the light and landscape when it works for you, and block it out when it doesn’t.

Window coverings for your doors? We’ve got them!

At Timan Window Treatments, we’ve got answers for you. From patio door solutions to entryway innovations, your home will provide the perfect environment with window coverings for your doors. Light control, privacy, energy efficiency and style customized for you. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.