Pet Safe Window Coverings for Your Furry Family

It’s that time of year.

We all just want to be outside – pets included! But your furry friends cannot spend unlimited amounts of time outside, especially if you’re gone during the day, and you need them to stay safe in your home. Give them the chance to enjoy the sunshine and activity right outside your Cleveland area home with pet safe window coverings that also provide your home with the benefits of light control, energy efficiency and privacy you need!

pet safe window coveringsLong-lasting Style & Durability

You want long-lasting style, pets need durability. For the most visited spots in your home, such as sliding glass doors, entryways and large-scale windows, choose pet safe window coverings. Long-lasting style and durability are a must when you have nose and paw traffic on a regular basis. Skyline Gliding Panels are a perfect option – easy to clean and even easier to function – so your pets can enjoy the outside by view and use. Window shades are an investment, and you deserve the high quality that Hunter Douglas delivers. Enjoy the beauty of your window coverings for years to come, as your pets enjoy a front row seat!

pet safe window coveringsPrivacy With a View

You want privacy. Pets want a view. For the dynamic backdrop of a beautiful view, with control over both privacy and light, the versatility of Pirouette window shades is unparalleled. The sheer backing allows the outside glare to be diffused, while the natural light is dispersed for a comfortable glow. With the ideal adjustment of fabric vanes, the atmosphere of your home can be exactly what you and your pet need. Anxiety about passers by? Adjust them in a position to let in the natural light while blocking the view. Excited to see all of the foot traffic? With the right adjustment, your pet will enjoy the view from their favorite spot as the world goes on just beyond your windows. It’s all up to you.

pet safe window coveringsEnergy Efficiency & Comfort

You want energy efficiency. Pets should be comfortable. Like the beauty of Duette shades, window coverings can exceed all of your – and your pet’s – expectations. Enjoy the consistent, comfortable temperature that your pets need with Duette shades that insulate your home – no matter the time of day or season of the year. The valuable benefits of top down bottom up window shades will provide your home with energy efficiency for those hot Summer days. Let down the top to disperse natural light without the heat, while bringing the bottom up for just the right amount of space for your pet to watch the outside world.

pet safe window coveringsLifestyle Function & Pet Safety

You need function that fits your lifestyle. Pets need safety. The operating system is an incredibly important part of choosing window coverings. Cord-safe and cordless window shades will give you peace of mind when leaving your pets for the day. The latest innovation, PowerView automation allows you the ability to schedule the opening and closing of your window coverings to fit your lifestyle, but without cords, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s safety. With the scene settings in PowerView, you can position the window shades just right so the atmosphere is light controlled and private, but your pet is able to enjoy the view. Other options, such as LiteRise, make one nudge of the window shades an easy way to see what’s outside, while your window shades stay looking beautiful.

Your pets are your family – we understand. Keep them safe with pet safe window coverings that not only improve the look and feel of your home, but also increase the privacy, light control and energy efficiency. We can help you make your Cleveland area home all it can be. Contact our team, at Timan Window Treatments, for a free, in-home consultation.