Save Your Home from the Summer Heat with 3 Transforming Features

Summer is what we live for in Cleveland. Finally thawing out from the freezing temperatures of winter and saying goodbye to the dreary rain clouds of spring, we revel in the summer sun. With the recent abundance of sunny days, are you and your home now baking? While we all delight in the chance to get outside and enjoy the sun’s warm rays, they can wreak havoc on you and your home if you do not have the right kind of window coverings inside. Don’t worry; there’s hope! Our team at Timan Window Treatments is here to help. Here are three features we recommend to save your home from the summer heat and transform it into a comfortable, energy-efficient haven you’ll love all year round.

Automation from PowerView

Save your home from the summer heatWhy not let technology work for you and your home? PowerView is Hunter Douglas’ recent innovation in motorized window coverings. Enjoy the ease of setting your shades to let in just the right amount of light, provide your ideal amount of privacy, protect your furniture and décor from harmful UV rays, plus boost energy-efficiency. Store your favorite scenes, and then schedule your shades to move automatically to save your home from the summer heat no matter where you are. Even when you are out and about, you can control your shades with the PowerView App from anywhere in the world. Come back from a day at the beach or from a week’s vacation to a comfortable, perfectly-lit home.

Window Shades that Insulate

Save your home from the summer heatThe temperature of your home is directly affected by the sun and air outside of your windows. As sun shines in, your window acts like a magnifying glass, and it heats up the air in your home to temperatures even hotter than outside. Plus, as air touches your window, the temperature of that air changes. Our Duette shades can combat these heat-inducing effects with their cell-within-cell design. Pockets of air function as insulation—keeping your home’s temperature comfortable and consistent no matter what is happening outside. Let your heater take a break in the winter, save your home from summer heat, and give your AC a rest—all while pocketing cash from your energy-efficient savings!

Cover from the Top or Bottom

Save your home from the summer heatMany of our window shades, such as our Applause shades, will give you something to clap for this summer. Oftentimes, the best features of your home are the gorgeous natural light that streams in through your windows and the beautiful views that sit just outside them. Unfortunately, that gorgeous natural light can quickly turn to blinding glare at certain times of the day and ruin any chance of a beautiful view. Fix this with the versatility of top-down, bottom-up window shades. Enabling you to bring down the top for gentle daylighting and to and bring up the bottom to experience your favorite views, these shades will truly save your home from the summer heat all while accentuating the features of your home that you love.

In Cleveland, you shouldn’t take sunny summer days for granted, and you shouldn’t let them spoil the comfort or look of your home either. Let our team at Timan Window Treatments help you save your home from the summer heat with one or all of these energy-efficient and life-enhancing features. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.