Modern Roller Shades: Gorgeous Styling and Innovative Design

When something’s been around for hundreds of years, you know it does its job. Roller shades are one of those things. But, let’s face it, with modern conveniences and new style trends, the shades your grandmother had just won’t cut it in your home. Hunter Douglas knew it was time for a change, and that’s why they reimagined and redesigned every detail of roller shades. It’s time to meet the newest generation of these classic window treatments. Modern Roller Shades offer you beautiful, contemporary styling and better-than-ever function to make your home and your life amazing.

Gorgeous Styling: It’s in the Details

As the backdrop of your home, your shades play a big part in setting the atmosphere. So, if you want modern roller shades Clevelandyour home to be gorgeous, you need your shades to be. That’s easy with Modern Roller Shades because every detail has been redesigned to give you the perfect look. First, there’s the fabrics. Exclusive, sophisticated, and chic, the designer fabrics that you have to choose from are stunning. With exquisite textures and a contemporary color palette, your custom selections will bring one-of-a-kind beauty to your spaces. Then, there’s the finishings. Add a top treatment–now available in square cassette–to the sleek, low-profile design of Modern Roller Shades for an elegant, complete look. Or, show off the roller top with customized bracket covers and metal brackets that match your home’s interior design. The covers are available in nine different finishes, and burnished chestnut or pearl chrome brackets are sure to impress. Plus, they feature a contemporary, circular shape. Heightened style comes from getting all the details right, and, with Modern Roller Shades, you can.

Innovation at Its Finest: Levels of Light Control

modern roller shades ClevelandFor centuries, roller shades have functioned like a light switch: open is on, and closed is off. Those were really your only choices. Not anymore! Modern Roller Shades give you more options for levels of light control. The “on/off” design is still popular for rooms where you need that light switch function, but add another shade, and you now have greater control. Dual roller shades offer a unique experience. You choose the opacity; you set the tone. With dual shades, one shade can offer you soft, filtered light and a view-through for the perfect daytime atmosphere, while the other can be lowered in the evening to darken the room for glare-free TV watching or a fabulous night’s sleep. And, you’ll be happy to hear, our blackout shades have the smallest light gap in the industry! With Modern Roller Shades, you don’t have to settle for old-fashioned function. The latest innovations offer levels of light control that’ll upgrade both your home and your lifestyle.

Revolutionary Operation: It Doesn’t Get Easier

modern roller shades ClevelandUpgrading the style elements and light control options was not the end of Hunter Douglas’s redesign. They also revolutionized operation. You’re probably thinking, “Is it really possible to make roller shade operation any easier or better?” Oh, it is! Gone are the days of shades flying up too fast, creeping up slowly, or noisily zipping and flapping as you adjust them. Hunter Douglas crafted their Modern Roller Shades to be “whisper-quiet.” Now all you hear is a hush as you move them into position. Put that together with a custom clutch to make manual operation smooth, simple, and comfortable regardless of the size of your shades, and you’ve got it made. But, the benefits don’t stop there. Modern Roller Shades are also available with PowerView motorization. Whenever you need to adjust your shades, just touch a button on your stylish remote or favorite device, or, better yet, schedule them to move to positions you set all on their own throughout the day. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Modern Roller Shades: Redesigned for You

Are you impressed by the styling, innovative features, and ease of operation that Modern Roller Shades offer? You have every right to be! Hunter Douglas has thought of everything in their redesign to make all you’ve been dreaming of in window treatments a reality. It’s time to customize them for your home and enjoy the unique beauty and lifestyle function that you deserve. Our design consultants are ready to visit you for a free, shop-at-home experience. Contact us at Timan Window Treatments to get started today!