Bare Windows to Glowing Atmosphere: See the Dramatic Difference

Summer is in full swing! We’ve sure been enjoying the sunny skies and warm breezes that make Cleveland a fabulous place to live. Summer can be an amazing time of year, but if you find yourself struggling, you either don’t have window shades, or you don’t have the right ones. With the correct window coverings, your home can have the light control, privacy, UV protection, and energy efficiency it needs to let you enjoy this time of year. This before and after transformation–from bare windows to glowing atmosphere–is proof that the right window shades make all the difference when it comes to both beauty and comfort. Check out the dramatic change, and discover the incredible possibilities for your own home and life.

Before: Seem Familiar?

bare windows no shadesThis dining space is elegantly styled with rustic elements, and the view of the outdoor foliage would make the perfect backdrop…except you can barely see it through the glare. While this room plays off the beauty of nature, nature is actually causing some serious problems with these bare windows. The harsh sunlight entering the room not only hurts your eyes and blocks your view, it’s also damaging the interiors. UV rays are hard at work–fading everything they touch. It’d be pretty tough to enjoy a delicious lunch or even a cup of coffee in this space with the blinding sun on the windows and reflecting off of the glass tabletop, but that’s not all that makes it uncomfortable. The temperature does too. Large-scale windows act like giant magnifying glasses. As the intensity of the sun increases during the day, so does the heat in this room. Can you imagine the toll that it takes on the air conditioning? Actually, you probably can because, if your home lacks window coverings like this one, or if you don’t have the right ones, you’re dealing with it first-hand. This home was in need of a major before and after transformation. Is yours?

After: What a Difference!

no more bare windows roller shadesStunning, isn’t it?! The difference from bare windows to the “after” of window coverings is undeniable. Adding a designer roller shade and Skyline Gliding Window Panels has changed this room in so many ways. The atmosphere is now  full of gorgeous, glowing light. The sheer fabric of the shade and panels diffuse the glare while still allowing a view through. This lets the room take advantage of true natural beauty. Blending with the rustic styling, controlled sunlight and organic outdoor landscapes become part of this interior space, and the effect couldn’t be more impressive. Then there’s the fact that all the decor is protected. The sheer fabrics filter out UV rays, so the furnishings, flooring, and accents will stay beautiful for years to come. And, while you can’t see it, the temperature has gone from unbearable to pleasant and easily maintained. But the benefits don’t stop there. Instead of being constantly exposed by bare windows, the homeowners now have options for privacy. They also have convenience. Opting for PowerView motorization, they can adjust the shade and gliding panels at the touch of a button on their favorite device or program them to move automatically on a schedule. It doesn’t get better than that!

Bare Windows? Experience Your Own Transformation

You deserve the atmosphere, lifestyle, and benefits that the right window coverings offer. Don’t waste another gorgeous summer day wishing you could escape the problems that the combination of bare windows and sunshine cause in your home. Our design consultants are ready to help you with even the trickiest light control issues. Get your own before and after transformation started with a phone call. Contact our team at Timan Window Treatments for a free, in-home consultation today!