Privacy Blinds and Shades: Live in Complete Comfort

Your privacy is important. Does your home offer the kind of privacy you deserve? Sure, there might be some rooms that you want to have open to the outside world, but there are certainly spaces that you’d rather have more closed off. Maybe you like the energy-boost of having things open in the morning, while you enjoy a more secluded feeling in the evening. Times of day, circumstances, and the location of your windows–and neighbors–all play a part in your privacy preferences. How are your current window coverings doing at giving you the levels of privacy you prefer? If they aren’t getting the job done, or if your windows are completely bare, then it’s time to consider privacy blinds and shades. They offer the privacy you want along with a host of other features to let you and your family live in total comfort.

Put the Top Down to Have It All

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Top down bottom up shades are an innovation that you don’t want to pass up. They let you “have it all” when it comes to privacy, natural light, energy efficiency, and UV protection. By adjusting the top down, gorgeous natural light can enter at the ceiling while the rest of your window stays covered. No more stifling heat, blinding glare, or feeling exposed. Top down bottom up privacy blinds and shades let you have it all. You enjoy sky views, beautiful daylighting, and a comfortable atmosphere on top of the privacy you need. Not only that, but keeping the majority of your window covered means that damaging UV rays can’t wreak havoc on your furniture, flooring, and artwork. Your home is protected, and you’re comfortable. Sounds like a win to us!

You Choose the Opacity

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Style matters, and the window coverings in your home should help create a consistent, coordinated look. But, your windows aren’t all facing the same direction, and they’re not all the same size or shape. Add French or sliding glass doors into the mix? How are you ever supposed to get what you need from your privacy blinds and shades while keeping the look coordinated.?The answer: choose different opacities. Hunter Douglas understands that style is a priority and that a home’s windows aren’t exactly the same. That’s why they give you the choice when it comes to opacity. Simply pick out your favorite window coverings and then select the opacity–from sheer to opaque and everything in between–to meet the needs of each individual window throughout your home. It’s the perfect way to ensure that fashion and function are front and center in your home.

Enjoy Convenience and Control

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Only you know how much–or little–privacy you prefer at any given time. So, you should be in complete control, and you should have options. Sheer shadings offer both. A sheer backing coupled with vanes that rotate and adjust give you a range of options not only for privacy, but also for light control. Open the vanes for a beautiful view-through and diffused natural light. Rotate them slightly for more privacy, or close them completely for full privacy and less light. Then, put control in the palm of your hand. PowerView motorization enables you to make adjustments from anywhere in the world on your favorite device. One tap, and you have an instant atmosphere change. Better still is the option to schedule your privacy blinds and shades to adjust automatically. Just set and save your favorite scenes and then program them to occur throughout the day. You can even connect your motorized shades to your home integration system. Your shades will move to create the perfect balance of light and privacy no matter what you’re doing or where you are. How could you ever say no to that kind of convenience?

The Right Privacy Blinds and Shades for You

Are you excited about top down bottom up shades or curious about opacity choices? Are you looking for shades with multiple settings or in love with motorization? It’s time to finally get the privacy you deserve, and our team at Timan Window Treatments wants to help. Let us bring ideas, inspiration, advice, and a listening ear to your home. We’ll guide you through decisions about styles and features so your privacy blinds and shades are just right for your home and lifestyle. Contact us for your free, shop-at-home experience today!