5 Tips to Maximize Natural Daylighting

Besides the changing leaves and chilly breezes, one of the first things I notice when fall rolls around is how early the sun sets. Gone are the summer nights of glimmering light until 9:00. Now, the sun is hunkering down by 6:30, and, sooner than we know, it’ll be closing the day at 5:00! Not only that, but the mornings are a lot darker, too. So, while the sun is heading to bed earlier, it’s also sleeping in! That means so much less daylight for us to enjoy. I don’t know about you, but I need every ounce of sunshine I can get to keep up my mood and productivity. So, I got to thinking…there have to be ways I can maximize natural daylighting in my home. I decided to ask the pros at Timan Window Treatments for suggestions. They gave me five tips for making the most of the precious light available to us this time of year. Why not try them out for yourself?

1. Light Up the Ceiling


The first thing the Timan team suggested was to bring natural light in across the ceiling. They explained that artificial lights are installed overhead to better spread light throughout the room, but the sun can just as easily do that job for you when it’s out. I told them I tried, and it was a disaster! With bare windows, light flooded in everywhere, and I ended up with glare, UV damage, and uncomfortable temperatures. That’s when they showed me the innovation of top down shades. By lowering my shades from the top, I can bring natural light in across my ceiling while keeping the rest of my window covered. Gorgeous daylighting can spread throughout my home without any of the annoying problems that come with too much light. I was in awe! Are you?

2. Automate & Schedule


Times of day and seasons of the year change how much light enters your home. Sometimes there isn’t very much while, at other times, everything is drowning in sunshine. It’s such a pain to go around opening and closing blinds and shades, and half the time I’m not even home to do it. So, they usually just get left alone–which means most of my life is lived in a less than ideal atmosphere. Either I’m stuck in the dark or overwhelmed by brightness and glare. It’s so frustrating! But, the pros at Timan gave me the golden ticket to convenience and the solution I’ve been dreaming of–PowerView motorization. Touch-of-a-button adjustments from anywhere in the world are just the beginning. The best part, I think, is being able to schedule your blinds and shades to move automatically. You can even set them to coordinate with our ever-changing local sunrise and sunset times! With my window coverings on a schedule, I don’t have to do a thing, and I get to enjoy the perfect atmosphere of much-needed daylighting and a little more privacy once the sun goes down. It’s glorious!

3. Make Adjustment Convenient


PowerView is the ultimate in convenient adjustment, but there are other options that make moving your window coverings easy if you want to do it manually. Timan’s experts recommend cordless blinds, shades, and shutters because one simple motion is all it takes to change the lighting in your space. That makes maximizing daylighting a cinch. Instead of fussing with cords, you can simply use your hand to position your window coverings right where you want them. In an instant, you can change the direction of entering light to brighten the room and lighten the mood. The atmosphere of your home is literally at your fingertips. Plus, cordless blinds, shades, and shutters are the best choice for homes with children and pets. Convenience, function, and safety…can’t beat that!

4. Amp Up the Style


I can tell you from personal experience that living with bare windows is miserable. Sure, the view might be great and you definitely don’t need lights during the day, but you also don’t want to go anywhere near those rooms. The brightness, glare, uncomfortable temperatures, and complete lack of privacy are enough to send you packing sometimes. Plus, bare windows can leave your home looking unfinished and plain. When I asked about maximizing daylighting in my home, the pros introduced me to sheers and custom drapery panels. Sheer shadings filter harsh sunshine and let you savor your view through a sheer backing. Functionally, they’re amazing, and they’re simply stunning in terms of style. Custom drapery panels frame your windows and provide coverage when you need it. Combining the two creates a gorgeous layered look. And, by selecting fabrics, colors, and textures that play off entering sunlight, you can fill your home with a comfortable, beautiful radiance and a designer look.

5. Analyze the Design

daylightingThe last tip I got from the experts about maximizing daylighting had less to do with my windows and more to do with design of my home. They suggested that I take a close look at how my rooms were arranged. If the furniture faces away from entering light, rearranging the layout can make a world of difference. It’ll set the whole room up for enjoying the sunshine. They also told me to consider the colors I’ve been using. Hues that lend an open and refreshing feel to your spaces are ideal. While some eye-catching colors can be bold and brilliant, they can also make a room feel heavy…it just depends on the specific space. Once I got the entering light under control, a simple change in paint color was all I needed to completely lighten up my living room and allow natural daylighting to shine beautifully. What about your spaces? Do you need a simple rearrangement or a fresh coat of paint?

Daylighting: Customize and Maximize

The team at Timan Window Treatments really helped me to maximize daylighting in my home, and they can go to work for you, too! In fact, they’ll come right to your home to listen to your needs and take a look at your unique spaces. Bringing years of experience, ideas, and product samples, their design consultants can help you customize window coverings to draw gorgeous, mood-boosting and productivity-enhancing light into your home this fall and all year long. Contact them today to get started with your free, in-home consultation.