The Newest Design Trends: Get Inspired for 2017

Do you love to follow what’s popular in fashion and design? Are you wondering what the newest design trends will be for 2017? Good news…you don’t have to wait until January to find out. We have an exclusive look at the interior design styles that trend forecasters say will be topping the charts in the new year, and our experts offer a few ways you can bring them into your home for a refreshed and stand-out look.

2017’s Newest Design Trends

Believe it or not, the newest design trends for the coming year are distinctly different in terms of decor, but they have a lot more in common than you might think. So what are they? Old Havana and Cove. That’s right; 2017 will showcase Cuba’s heritage with a modern twist and also dive headlong into the serenity of the sea. While these two styles might seem at odds, three main themes run throughout both of them: color, intentional styling, and nature. Let’s take a minute to get a broad sense of each style.

newest design trendsOld Havana

 Vibrant and lively, yet laid-back, Old Havana speaks to Cuban culture and life with modern appeal that’s hard to ignore. Passionate colors dominate as do updated antiques, handcrafted pieces, and the florals and greenery of Cuba’s countryside. In Old Havana, rich tradition meets refined styling, and it couldn’t be more intriguing.


newest design trendsCove

Rooted in the tranquility of the sea, Cove is chic and raw, but also deeply soothing. Natural materials, organic forms, and sweeping curves pair with a cool color palette for a look that’s both sophisticated and relaxed. Minimalistic and unadorned, Cove brings natural beauty to the forefront and captures a peaceful wildness that enriches the heart and home.

Add Color

newest design trends

Ready to spice up your home’s styling with influences from the newest design trends? Our experts say, “Start by adding color.” Color plays a big part in both Old Havana and Cove, so refreshing your home with some new shades or drapery panels will begin to shape an on-trend look in your spaces. If you’re in the mood for a bit of a project, go ahead and revamp your walls with new paint in a warm, Old Havana shade or a cool hue from Cove. You might even consider wallcoverings with a tropical vibe or an oceanside feel. If you’re looking for something a little more simplistic, add colorful accents to your spaces. Sprinkling in one or two of your favorite shades on throws, pillows, area rugs, and knick knacks is a perfect way to bring in the trends and enliven your styling.

Be Intentional

newest design trends

The newest design trends have an intentionality that makes each piece matter. Cove expresses a clean minimalism, and Old Havana draws on both cultural and personal stories. So, when you’re shaping the style of your rooms, our experts suggest that you be intentional. Carefully select pieces that speak to you. For a dash of Old Havana, find handcrafted items and updated vintage pieces that tell stories you can relate to. For a little bit of Cove, choose supremely minimal forms, natural fabrics, and pieces made from earthen materials that reveal who you are and what you love. Being intentional with your decor choices will really make your home feel like home.

Welcome Nature

newest design trendsWhether it’s the calm magnificence of the sea or the lively allure of the Cuban countryside, nature’s beauty is at the heart of the newest design trends. That means it’s time to welcome nature into your home. Our experts recommend putting the beauty of nature on display throughout your spaces. A vase of fresh flowers, a classic topiary centerpiece, and even colorful fruits are simple ways to do just that. Accents made of wood, marble, and stone are inherently gorgeous. So, don’t forget about the wide world just outside your windows. Nature is all around you on the other side of the glass.

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