Refresh Your Style: Drapery Panels Throughout Your Home

Could your home use some refreshment for the New Year? If you’re looking for ways to add sophisticated style to your home in 2017, we have the perfect idea: Custom Drapery Panels. Bringing colors, textures, and dimension to your spaces, custom drapery panels frame your windows for heightened styling and incredible function. Their flowing fabrics are gorgeous and dramatic–creating alluring atmosphere that can’t be beat. Enhancing the design of all kinds of spaces, drapery panels really are perfect for any room in your home. Take a look at these examples of drapery panels showcased in different room settings, and discover the beauty and elegance they can add to your home.

Snooze in Style

drapery panels

Sleep is essential for your health and wellbeing. It affects everything from your mood to your productivity, and that means the bedrooms in your home are incredibly important. You want them to be soothing, calming, and relaxing spaces that help you get the best quality sleep possible. And, when you wake up from a blissful night’s slumber, you want them to help you start the day off right. Drapery panels make all this possible. Fashionable colors and designs in coordinating fabrics offer a beautiful look. The embellishments–like banding, trim, beading, and top treatments–provide the perfect finishing touches. Plus, with options for room-darkening, they can help you create a peaceful sanctuary for sleep. Upgraded style and improved sleep…does it get better than that?!

Gather in Gorgeousness

drapery panels

Your Great Room, Family Room, or Living Room sees a lot of action. Whether the kids pile onto the couch for Saturday morning cartoons or party guests mill about with evening cocktails, it’s a space designed for gathering. Coziness and function play important roles in a room like this, and drapery panels help create both. Adding beauty by coordinating with your decor and framing a tremendous view, they can also be layered with shades or blinds for unprecedented light control. Glare and brightness stay out of your space–leaving the perfect atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Work Well

drapery panelsWhile it might be tucked away from the main areas of your home, your home office is a vital part of your life. Whether you do most of your work there or use it to manage all of your family’s affairs, it should be a comfortable space that invites inspiration and organization. With its mood-boosting and productivity-enhancing qualities, natural light is a great asset in a space like this. But, it needs to be filtered–otherwise glare will plague your screens, brightness will make you squint, and your plan to get work done will go right out the window. Luminette Privacy Sheers are an ideal choice for your home office. They resemble drapery panels with their folds of fabric, but they offer all the benefits of sheer shadings. You can keep your view out, enjoy the light coming in, and be surrounded by beauty.

Pleasant Privacy

drapery panels

There’s no question that you need privacy in your home’s bathrooms, but having natural light is important too. It helps your bathroom spaces feel larger and also enhances the ambiance within. So, how do you achieve the perfect balance of privacy and light? With the right window treatments, of course! A patterned fabric roman shade might serve you well, or try layering drapery panels with shades, blinds, or even shutters. You’ll create incredible design appeal and gain the function you need. Add to that specialized details–like decorative hardware and designer pullbacks–and the look will be complete. PowerView motorization also goes a long way toward balancing your desire for both light and privacy. Automated adjustment of your shades or blinds means that the atmosphere will always be perfect!

Drapery Panels: Customized For You

Drapery panels can refresh the look of each and every room in your home. Pair them with other coverings for a stunning layered look. Or, have them stand alone to frame your windows with their beautiful fabrics. Custom drapery panels will add sophisticated style to your home this new year and beyond. If you want inspiration, advice, or to see how certain fabrics will look in rooms throughout your home, we’re here for you. We’d love to come out for a visit to help you with all of your window covering needs. Contact our team, at Timan Window Treatments, to schedule a free, shop-at-home experience today.