Spring Decorating Tips for a Refreshing, Designer Look

Spring is in the air…sometimes, at least! March has arrived and so have a few warmer days to remind us that springtime weather will soon be here to stay. Are you itching to start your spring decorating? Are you searching for ideas? A refreshing, designer look is just what you need to welcome the season that’s all about new beginnings and fresh starts. So, where do you begin? Start with these simple tips from our design experts to rejuvenate your home and your spirits with beauty and style this spring.

Bring Flowers Inside

spring decoratingSpringtime is full of buds, blooms, and blossoms. Their light, soft colors are such a welcome sight after months of white snow and brown slush! One of the easiest ways to start your spring decorating is with fresh flowers. The key is to match the florals you choose with the season. For spring, try sculptural flowering branches, such as forsythia or cherry, bouquets of classic spring flowers, like tulips and daffodils, or an array of single blooms in bud vases. They’ll radiate joy, beauty, and designer styling throughout your home.

Enjoy the Sunshine

spring decoratingOne of the best parts of spring is the return of sunny days. Sure, we get a few during the winter, but more often than not, the sky is overcast and dumping lake effect on us. But when spring rolls in, the sun does too! Enjoying natural light in your home seems easy–just let it in, right? Wrong. If you’ve tried, you know that it can quickly become unbearable. Allowing sunshine to flood your spaces causes glare and direct rays that not only hurt your eyes but also send temperatures skyrocketing your rooms. Plus, with sun comes UV rays and damage to your decor.

Dressing your windows with the right window coverings is an essential part of spring decorating–and of lifestyle comfort year-round. While there are certainly lots of options, we love sheer shadings. Diffusing filtered light throughout your spaces and adding incredible style, sheers will transform your home’s atmosphere–just in time for all those sunny spring days.

Refresh Your Palette

spring decorating

Since spring is all about new beginnings, why not try a new color on your walls? A fresh coat of paint will make your home feel as fresh as springtime does outside. It’ll rejuvenate and enliven your spaces and energize your spring decorating. Wondering what color to use? Greige is a favorite in the design world these days. A mixture of warm beige and cool gray, greige has contemporary appeal and is perfect for a neutral color palette. Want to go bold? Consider Greenery–Pantone’s choice for Color of the Year 2017. It holds the very essence of spring in its bright, zesty hue!

Tidy It Up

spring decoratingAs you look through your favorite design photos, do you find that they all feature minimalism? Styling with simplicity and restraint is a real art, and sometimes it feels impossible to achieve in real life. Kids, busy schedules, and chaos happen. As you reevaluate your spaces for spring decorating, look closely at the “stuff” you have around. Is it something you need? Have you used it recently? Do you absolutely love it? If not, get rid of it. Once you’ve pared things down, you can organize and make sure everything has a place. The reality is that all homes collect clutter. But, tidying up becomes so much easier and faster when you have a system in place. A clean, modern look will restore your home’s environment and your lifestyle too!

Spring Decorating: Make It Yours

Your house is your home. Regardless of what’s trending in the design world, you should surround yourself with what you love. Every single color, fabric texture, rug pattern, window treatment, and decor accent should speak to your heart and come together to create the perfect home atmosphere…just for you. The style experts at Timan Window Treatments would love to get to know you and your home to help with your spring decorating. Stop into one of our three Hunter Douglas Galleries, or let us come to you. Contact us to schedule your free, in-home consultation today!