Design Insight from Style Icon Iris Apfel

It’s not easy to rise to fame in the fashion and design world–especially in your eighties! But that’s exactly what style icon Iris Apfel did. In 2005, the Metropolitan Museum of Art showcased an exhibit of clothing and accessories from her personal collection, and (as Iris describes herself) a “geriatric starlet” was born. More than a decade later, Apfel is still making her mark in the design realm. Her boldly confident personality and striking individualism are noteworthy in a day and age when it’s easier than ever to find and follow the hottest trends. Would you love some inspirational insight into her design thinking? Then check out what style icon Iris Apfel has to say…

“I think people should express themselves more.”

style icon Iris Apfel
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Self-expression is big for style icon Iris Apfel. Every layer of jewelry and fabric she wears tells something about her, and every accent, piece of art, and furnishing in her home speaks to who she is. More than that, though, she displays it all with incredible pride. Iris knows how to be true to herself, regardless of what others think or say, and it delights her in a way nothing else can. As you decorate and style your home, find ways to express yourself through your design choices. You’ll discover that it makes you smile and your house truly feel like home.

“I’m a color person, I’ve never been known to play it safe.”

style icon Iris ApfelTo say that style icon Iris Apfel is infatuated with color might be an understatement. Her passion for complementing, contrasting, and using color in surprising ways is unprecedented. She’s not afraid to flaunt bright, bold hues or mix vivid patterns that she loves. Iris dares to take risks with color, and the results are always stunning. Is your home filled with colors you adore? If not, it should be! Surrounding yourself with a color palette that pulls on your heartstrings plays a huge role in how your home looks and feels to you. So take some risks…paint your walls with that vibrant shade you’ve been eyeing up and find a place for that colorful accent to “pop.” Then stand back and admire the beauty!

“I buy things because I fall in love with them.”

style icon Iris Apfel
Source: Architectural Digest

Style icon Iris Apfel doesn’t buy pieces for her wardrobe or her home because they’re the latest in-thing or because they’re valuable. She buys them because they call out to her heart and sweep her off her feet. And that makes what she wears and all of her decor meaningful. Everything she owns has a story–whether it’s the piece itself, how she acquired it on one of her adventures, or both. Looking at Iris’s Manhattan apartment, you can see that it’s a celebration of those stories–stories that tell of history and of a well-lived life. The things you buy and decorate your home with should captivate and enchant you. They should carry a story that you love to tell. That’s the secret to creating a home that is deeply personal and incredibly loved.

“I don’t care what people think….I’ll do my own thing.”

style icon Iris ApfelYou’ll never see style icon Iris Apfel following trends or conforming to the masses, and you’ll never hear her apologize for it. She’s an individual to the core, and her “I’ll do my own thing” attitude gets at the heart of personal style. What works for others and what others love isn’t necessarily going to work for you or be what you love. Iris balks at the current strive toward minimalism in design. She’s a maximalist–filling her spaces with layers and layers of eclectic decor–and she’s not about to change the home she loves because everyone else thinks less is more. Taste and beauty are wholly subjective, so dare to do your own thing!

Style Icon Iris Apfel…Make Your Home Yours

There’s so much to admire about style icon Iris Apfel: her embrace of individuality, her bold thinking, her timeless style. Like Iris, you deserve a home that reflects who you are and what you love. Have you thought about redesigning a space or adding window treatments to help your home’s atmosphere reach its full potential? We’d love to join in your next design adventure! Visit us at one of our Hunter Douglas galleries, or invite us into your home. Contact our team at Timan Window Treatments for a free, in-home consultation to get started today!