Why You Need Child Safe Blinds

Our children and grandchildren mean so much to us. We love watching them explore and become independent, but we also know that accidents can quickly occur without constant supervision. That’s why it’s so important for both parents and grandparents to child-proof their homes. One thing that we often forget to child-proof is our windows. Dangling cords are extremely dangerous, and in some cases fatal, to young children. Eliminate the danger with child safe blinds. You’ll feel so much better knowing your loved ones have a safe place to play.


Child Safety 101

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We’ve all heard tragic stories, thanks to social media, which is why parents begin child-proofing their homes well before it’s necessary. Outlets and sharp corners are covered. Car seats are installed, and then triple checked. But, what about windows? There are many hidden dangers around the house, and this is one that should be addressed right away. If you’re a grandparent, it might be time to update your window treatments with child safe blinds, shades, or shutters.


Innocent Imaginations

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These children look like they’re having a great time coloring and playing safely. They are older, so they’re less likely to get hurt, right? Unfortunately, children as old as nine have been sent to the emergency room due to window cord injuries. You don’t think anything will happen, but tragedy can strike in an instant. Instead of worrying, get rid of cords and rest easy knowing your littles ones are safe.


What Could Possibly Happen?

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Like we said, you never think it’s going to happen to you. But, take a look at these playful kids. During a quick trip to the Post Office, they turned these dangerous dangling cords into necklaces, ropes, and a puppy leash. Mom even got tied up! This was all while being supervised. Imagine what could happen if they were left alone. Child safe blinds will ensure the safety of your children and grandchildren.


Options for Child Safe Blinds

If you have children living at home or have little ones who visit you, it’s time to get child safe blinds, shades, or shutters. There are multiple options that will fit your home design, as well as solutions for lighting and privacy. Revamp your home while child-proofing. We can help you find the best fit! Contact our team at Timan Window Treatments today for a free, in-home consultation.