Revolutionary Darkness: The Best Blackout Shades Are Here

We have big news! Hunter Douglas recently launched a revolutionary blackout technology that is turning Duettes into the best blackout shades on the market. What is it? Here’s the inside scoop:


LightLockTM by Hunter Douglas

The best blackout shades should provide total darkness…and now they truly can. LightLock ensures that your Duette shades close out every ounce of light to let you enjoy 100% darkness. That’s right–100%.

best blackout shades Chagrin Falls
Duette® Shades with LightLock™


How This Light Blocking Works

The secret to complete darkness lies in LightLock’s innovative side-channel system. Installed right into your window frame, these channels absorb and deflect all incoming light. They eliminate light gaps to achieve total room blackout.

best blackout shades Rocky River
The LightLock™ System for Duette® Shades


Where To Put These Shades

In your home, the most obvious places for the best blackout shades are bedrooms and guest rooms. LightLock creates the ideal darkness needed for high-quality sleep. But, those aren’t the only rooms and reasons you might need any-time-of-day blackout. Consider these:

   *Naps – Install them in spots where you, your kids, or your grandchildren like to snooze

   *Media – Outfit media spaces with them for glare-free, theater-style darkness

   *Energy-Efficiency – Put them on east- and west-facing windows to block intense sun/heat


The Best Blackout Shades Are Here…For You

You deserve the best blackout shades. And, we have them here at Timan Window Treatments. Our team would love to show you all that’s possible with LightLock. Contact us today!