Tips for Creating Your Summer Ready Home

Are you ready for the adventure, beauty, and relaxation of summertime? After heaps of winter snow and gallons of spring rain, summer always reminds us why we love living in the Cleveland area. You’re probably ready for summer to start tomorrow, but is your home? We have a few tips to help you get it set for the coming season. A summer ready home is:


Weather Ready

Summer weather is glorious. Warmth and sunshine fill our days, and it’s perfect for catching a baseball game, visiting the zoo, and even dipping your toes in the lake. While we love soaking it in outside, intense sun and heat inside our homes is a big problem. A summer ready home has to be weather ready.

 door window treatments Hunter Douglas Lyndhurst

The right window treatments are essential. They’ll cut glare and control entering light while providing much-needed insulation to keep your home cool and your energy bills lower. Wondering what to do with your french doors or sliding glass doors? We have a wide range of options for these high-traffic areas.


Guest Ready

From evenings on the patio with drinks and friends to backyard barbeques with the whole family, summer is outdoor entertaining season! Now’s the time to get your outdoor spaces in tip top shape for all the visitors that will be stopping by. So, make sure you have enough tables and seats. And, don’t forget to add stylish personal touches.

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While much of summer entertaining happens outside, there is one spot inside your home that will see a bit more action when guests are around: your bathroom. So, stock up on the essentials, add a pop of summer with some fresh flowers, and make sure you have window coverings that’ll keep visitors comfortable. We love window blinds in the bathroom.


Safety Ready

For most families, summertime means school’s out…and that means the kids will be home much more than usual. A summer ready home has to be safety ready. It’s a good idea to take a moment and evaluate the safety of your home. Are big furniture pieces and TVs anchored? Do you have cribs and beds positioned away from windows? Are your window coverings child-safe?

child-safe summer ready home Hunter Douglas Cleveland 44125

Cordless blinds and shades are the best choice for your home. They completely eliminate the danger that comes along with dangling cords. We have manual and motorized blinds options–along with cord-safe choices–that provide all the function you need with all the safety your family deserves.


Sleep Ready

The sun is waking up earlier and earlier and going to bed later and later. You definitely don’t want your kids on that schedule…or you, for that matter! Summer is the perfect time to focus in on creating peaceful sanctuaries for sleep. It’s no secret that light stimulates our brains, so keeping it at bay in bedrooms is crucial. Consider having a family “docking station” for devices in a central location–like the living room or kitchen. Replace bright bedside light bulbs with lower wattage ones.

summer ready home blackout shades Hunter Douglas Chagrin Falls 44022

And outfit all of your bedrooms with room-darkening and blackout shades. Have you seen the incredible light control system that Hunter Douglas recently released? LightLockTM uses U-shaped channels to completely block distracting light. Add PowerView, and enjoy instantaneous darkness at the touch of a button any time of day!


Your Summer Ready Home: Start Today!

Summer is right around the corner, so there’s no time to waste if you want to have your home ready for the season. At Timan Window Treatments, we know how issues arise as we switch from season to season here in the Cleveland area. That’s why we’d love to help you find the solutions you need for summer and beyond. Contact our team for your free, shop-at-home appointment to get started today!