New Home Advice: Fit Window Blinds into Your Moving Schedule

Excitement and overwhelm…they go hand-in-hand with moving. There’s so much to look forward to, yet so much to plan and prepare. Many times, families put off–or totally forget about–choosing window coverings. With everything else going on, it’s easy to assume the task can wait. But, the right window treatments provide privacy, comfort, and better sleep. And, those are top priorities in a new home, so ordering early is always best. When should you start? Here’s how to fit window blinds into your moving schedule…


When You’re Building

Building a new home entails lots of decisions. When you’re making choices about paint colors, you can also be selecting window treatments. Starting the process then will help ensure that we can work with your general contractors to have everything is in place so you can be comfortable on moving day–and every day after that!

fit window blinds into new construction timeline
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Have you decided you want to outfit your new home with the convenience of motorized shades? We can actually hardwire your shades as soon as your home is framed and ready for its electrical components!


When You’re Remodeling

Overhauling a space (or an entire house) to improve its look and function is a big undertaking. If you want to truly enjoy your updated home, it’s crucial to fit window blinds into your planning. Not only do they create a beautiful backdrop, but they also shape and complete the whole atmosphere.

fit window blinds into your home remodel
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We can start discussing how window treatments can help you achieve all you want for the style and function of your new spaces right away. Then your window covering selections can be installed as soon as the walls are painted.


When You’re Buying

Once you’ve decided that a home is for you, things can move pretty quickly. Don’t miss your chance to have your “new to you” home outfitted with window coverings before you move in. Trust us, it’ll be so much nicer to unpack and get settled when you’re in control of light and privacy levels, the temperature is comfy, and you can get a good night’s sleep.

bare windows in a new home

Oftentimes, we can coordinate with your realtor to meet you at the home your buying, take measurements, and then reconvene at our showroom to chat and design. Taking the time to fit window blinds into your schedule now will make all the difference on moving day and for daily life inside your new home.


Fit Window Blinds into Your Schedule Today

Whether you’re building, remodeling, or buying a new home, it’s never too soon to meet with a window treatment specialist. Along with helping you find the perfect window coverings to create the stylized look and functional features you’re dreaming of, we can also speak to your contractor to offer you advice on window depth and trim size.

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Working together, we can help you fit window blinds into your schedule and fashion a beautiful home that’s truly customized for your comfort and convenience. Contact our team at Timan Window Treatments for your free design consultation.