Whole House Decorating Made Easy

Does the thought of whole house decorating feel overwhelming? Are you wanting to give your home a new look, but you’re hesitant because it seems like too big of a task? We understand the challenges, and we’re here to simplify the process with our methods.

Choose the Style That’s Right for You

We like to divide our style techniques into two different concepts. The first concept is referred to as “Common Theme.” This approach uses the same style and color scheme through the whole home. It guarantees cohesion through each individual room, and it’s ideal for open concept areas.

whole house decorating with matching vignette roman shades for you Cleveland home

The second concept is “Spatial Personality.” According to this concept, each area will posses it’s own unique individuality throughout the home. There are many levels of severity when it comes to spatial personality. An example to show low intensity would be each area being unique in decor but stick to only warm colors. High intensity would be when every room has it’s own decor and there is a mixture of warm and cool colors.

Your home is a reflection of you, so no matter what style concept you end up going with, it’s your decision. Once you’ve decided the best way to go, it’s time to pick out the details!

Key Factors to Whole House Decorating

Color – This is the most foundational element for whole house decorating. Whether you picked similar colors throughout or completely different hues, color plays a huge part in your home’s design. It’s important your overall design aesthetic compliments the colors you select.

Walls – When you combine texture with color, you get walls! This is an element that can sometimes be overlooked on it’s importance to how a space feels. Added texture whether on top of the drywall itself or feature walls can add visual appeal. We are especially fond of the feature walls with wood panels. They add personality, texture, and can even be a DIY project.whole house decorating with matching plantation shutters for your Rocky River home

Window Treatments – The proper treatment for your windows is essential for your family’s safety, comfort levels, and an extra opportunity to show off your style. Another hesitation with whole house decorating are how to suite the odd shaped, angled, and array of glass doors your home may have. To add onto the unique shapes, if you’re wanting cohesion throughout your whole home, you may be wondering how can that be achieved? Don’t worry! We can help!

You’re Covered with Whole House Solutions

Many of our fabrics cross collections, allowing for different products to have the same fibers and colors. This gives you more options when matching the needs and functionality of your windows. If you want to have the same design throughout your home, but have a variety of windows with unique demands, you can still maintain a cohesive look.

silhouette and luminette sheer shades that match throughout your homeIn the reverse situation, if many of your windows have the same needs but you are wanting each room to be unique, they can be the same product but different colors or fabrics.

Whether it’s all the same, or different, when it comes to whole house decorating, Timan Window Treatments can help. Contact us today to set up a free in-home consultation.