Welcome the Changing Season

It’s no secret, autumn is a majestic time of year. The leaves change to vibrant hues, there’s a crispness in the air, and endless outdoor activities await–sometimes, even sled riding. But, the changing season sometimes creeps up on us, doesn’t it? Are you ready for all it has to offer?

Colorful Changes

The landscape color shift is–by far–the most enjoyable part of autumn. It’s a breathtaking good-bye to summer in preparation for winter. But, are you truly able to enjoy the scenery from inside your own home?

reducing glare in a dining room with roller shades

Certain window treatments can aid in reducing landscape glare.

Window glare can increase when more leaves fall, exposing bare areas in the trees. This is why, despite the decreasing amount of daylight, it appears brighter.

Ever Changing Light & Seasons

Autumn, like the other seasons, has an impact on light. Your home should be equipped with window treatments that can face the light, no matter the season. There are times when you want to increase the light, while at other times, diffuse it. With the variety of available coverings, you must focus on versatility, and find the right light control for you.

dining room light control cleveland, ohio

Pirouette shades are ideal to soften the glow of autumn’s light.

Planning for the Changing Season

Preparation is key to enjoying your home when the temperatures start to fluctuate. The richness of autumn can’t be enjoyed if it becomes a miserable ordeal. Keep the cold out with energy efficient window treatments. They help keep the warmth inside, right where you want it. When the changing season goes back to warm, they’ll make sure to keep  the house cool.

Close up of a window treatment to help with changing season

Vignette roman shades are stylish and help with energy efficiency in your home.

No matter the season, Timan Custom Window Treatments wants to assist you in all your window covering needs. Stop by one of our showrooms, or schedule your FREE design consultation today!