Color of the Year 2020: Style the Kitchen Just Right

It’s finally that time of year again. Pantone has released their color of the year 2020! We are excited to share Classic Blue, a vibrant, chic shade of blue, capable of creating contemporary style, while maintaining roots in tradition. One of our favorite spots for Classic Blue inspiration? The Kitchen. 


Add a Little Color

When you think of a kitchen renovation or redesign, a great place to start is usually the cabinets. Adding a pop of color to your cabinets is the perfect way to transform the look and feel of the space. Vibrant blue on these cabinets adds a crisp vibe, setting a sophisticated tone in the space.

Blue cabinets in Cleveland kitchen for Color of the Year 2020.


Make It Stand Out

Nothing accents the perfect shade of blue like gold, copper and other metal finishes. They add a modern, yet timeless, touch to any space. An easy way to add these finishes to your kitchen is with new hardware on your freshly painted cabinets. 

Blue island in Cleveland kitchen.

And while Classic Blue completes the finish of the cabinets in the first kitchen scene, using color as an accent in the kitchen can bring unique charm–like how the island is in color here, while the cabinets are white. 

Don’t Forget Your Walls!

Changing up your walls is another quick and easy way to make a new statement in your home. Whether you want to add an intricate backsplash, vibrant paint color, or modern wallpaper, it’s sure to liven up the heart of your home even more!

Classic Blue backsplash for Color of the Year 2020 in Cleveland home.


Choosing Window Coverings for Color of the Year 2020

Our team here at Timan Window Treatments is here–eager to help you create a stunning look, whether that’s with Color of the Year 2020, or another favorite hue. By adding the right window coverings to your space, you can control the light and the style of your home–a huge part of creating just the right look and feel. 

Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue cabinets

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