Enrich Your Home with Roller Shade Fabrics

The best part of making your home a reflection of your style and taste is the textures and colors you bring in. An easy way this can be done is with our amazing collection of roller shade fabrics. The large variety of colors and patterns are the perfect pieces to enhance your living space. They range from tranquil neutrals to bold statements. What else is exciting? The newest collection is helping to save ocean animals and you can be a part of it!

Multiple Functions, One Look

When you have an open floor plan, it can seem daunting to have a coordinated look. This is especially true when you want different functions from your window coverings, but the same overall look. Great news, because there are a lot of fabrics that cross collections, giving you visual harmony.

Take for example this kitchen…

kitchen modern Designer Roller Shades & Skyline® Gliding Window Panels, Formosa Fabric Collection, Stormy Gray
Designer Roller Shades & Skyline® Gliding Window Panels, Formosa Fabric Collection, Stormy Gray

The texture of this fabric collection is called Stormy Gray. The two products, gliding panels for the sliding glass doors, and roller shades for the windows, look cohesive. This space showcases multiple functionalities for each desired window, while looking put-together and stylish.


Recycled Fabrics 

We’re excited to introduce GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ fabrics, made from ocean plastics that have washed up on shore. Hunter Douglas has partnered with Bionic®, an engineering company to bring you this new kind of product that has already utilized over 30 tons of plastic waste.

Closeup GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ Fabrics
GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ Fabrics

These roller shade fabrics are only available in the Designer Screen Shades exclusive collection. They are available in five soothing neutrals, with a 3% openness factor to reduce glare, filter light, and provide UV protection.


Enhance the View You Love 

With the mixture of control and view enhancement, Designer Screen roller shades were created. You are in complete control of how open you want your roller shade fabrics to be. There are five choices of this “open-ness factor,” from 1% to 10% all depending on how the fabric weave is displayed.

bedroom view Designer Screen Roller Shades with 1% Openess Factor timan window treatments
Designer Screen Roller Shades with 1% Openess Factor


Bedroom view Designer Screen Roller Shades with 10% Openess Factor
Designer Screen Roller Shades with 10% Openess Factor

Your View + Light Blocking, Too

You love the simple light-filtering, view-through of both roller shades and screen shades. We do, too. But, there are times you want to block the light coming in–or the view into your home. We have great news! You can have all of that functionality on one window!

Living room Designer Roller Shades with Duolite®
Designer Roller Shades with Duolite®

Dual shades are upping the window covering game. While this isn’t a new concept for roller shade fabrics, you might not have realized the possibilities. You can open both of the shades and see the glorious view outside. Or, the front light-softening shade can be brought down to illuminate the room. If you want everything blocked out, bring the second shade down and darkness will reign. Which room do you need these amazing shades in?


Discover Roller Shade Fabrics Just for You!

No matter your style, out of the hundreds of roller shade fabrics there is one just right for you! Timan Window Treatments would love to help you find it. With the vast functions and style combinations, it’s not a surprise why people are talking about this product. Contact our team today for a free design consultation to get started.