The Pirouette Collection’s “Wow” Factor

The Pirouette collection is not only one of our favorites, but also our clients! From their stunning look to the heightened functionality, there’s no surprise why. With these shades you get amazing view-through capabilities and can preserve the natural light. We’ve compiled everything we love about them in this one place to show you just how great they are.


You Choose the View: Soft or Crisp

The latest update for the Pirouette collection allows you the choice between a softer, almost muted view or a crisp one. The latter comes from the Clearview® feature, which has a sheer black fabric attached to allow for the more defined view.

Side by side view of Clearview®.
Pirouette® window shades

Here we are seeing both fabric options side by side. Both look great, it’s solely up to your preference! The left side is the one with Clearview® and the right side is featuring the original sheer fabric. Both options leave you with beautiful, natural light.


Coordinate Your Shades Easily 

One of the trickiest things our clients face before coming to us? How to style their open floor plans for a put-together, consistent look. But, we can help! Our designers keep this in mind, guiding you toward cohesive collections that allow you to use the same fabrics for both horizontal and vertical shades. So whether you’re trying to cover a door or a window, you’re able to pick shades with a coordinating look to tie everything together. 

Dining room with horizontal and vertical shades.
Pirouette® Window Shades; Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Another benefit added into our shades is the UV protection they bring. This means no more faded furniture or wooden floors. The sheers provide 81% protection, while the vanes, when shut, block 99%.


Excellent for Large Windows

Large windows are often one of the main features in a room. But, with them often comes the difficulty of finding a beautiful, and functional, window treatment to fit. The largest Pirouette shade we offer is 144 inches by 144 inches. Even better, they are simple to adjust so you can have them wide open to enjoy the view, partially closed for a more subtle natural light, or completely drawn for a room darkening/blackout look. 

Cleveland, OH, home with sheer shades on floor to ceiling windows.
Multiple Pirouette® window shades can cross a wall of windows seamlessly.

Even if the space needs more than 12 feet of coverage, the Pirouette is a great choice. Look here at these floor to ceiling windows. There are three separate units here and you can hardly tell! Multiple Pirouette shades fit so well together to create an almost seamless look.


Simple Control Options

Automation is always one of the more popular operating systems. There’s nothing easier than a quick tap of a button on your remote or smartphone to completely change the atmosphere of an entire space. SoftTouch™ is another motorized option, which provides you a wand to simply open and close your shades.

Home office featuring the Pirouette shades.
Pirouette® window shades with SoftTouch™ motorization

But, if you prefer the more traditional, corded blinds, we have choices for you. We have two options that are both child safe. Ultraglide features a short, retractable cord and EasyRise has a continuous cord loop secured directly to the window frame.


These shades definitely bring the “wow” factor to every space they’re in. From creating a beautiful backdrop to a room, all the way to how they function, that’s what makes the Pirouette such a favorite. Timan Window Treatments is here to help today if you’re ready to transform your space with new shades. Contact us for your FREE design consultation.