Keeping Up with the Current Design Trends

Do you love scrolling through the latest design inspiration for your home? We know it can be a bit of a rabbit hole–so we’re here to help get you organized. We have collected the current design trends together for you to browse. Do you love them? Are you already using them? Or, would you rather continue with other favorite style elements? Take a look, and let us know!

Wood Tones

The preferred wood stains are continually evolving over time. Whether it’s a dark walnut, or a light oak, wood always remains a great, sturdy, and dependable material. Recently, the current design trend is the natural wood look. This has been giving a light, airy vibe people can’t get enough of. 

bedroom light brown natural wood design timan window treatments
Design Studio™ Window Treatments

Just Add Color

Adding a splash of color? We hope this never goes out of style! Any room in your home can instantly be improved with a color pop. It is very in right now to have moody, jewel tones, and deep hues.

bathroom pop of color timan window treatments current design trends
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Natural and Organic Vibes

We are loving that nature is being embraced in interior design. The imperfections of the outside world are being brought inside, like the grain of wood or woven accents showing their original colors. It is the true feeling of what’s real–and not faux–that’s captivating designers now.

audriennebvathome living room with camel colored couch and decor
Audrienne’s living room is the perfect place to relax or entertain.

Audrienne, of @audriennebvathome, used the warmth of camel brown to style this living space. With a monochromatic color scheme, it’s important to choose varying textures. And, that is exactly what she did. From the woven rug to the soft suede couch, we are calling this space “Organic Luxury.”

Beautiful Browns

Gray took over home decor for the past decade but brown is making its hot comeback. The warmth of brown wooden elements, shades of brown, and walls are cozying up spaces with ease. If you can’t decide between the two, go ahead and love the combination of both with the popular “griege.”  

home office roller shades Rocky River OH
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When using a color scheme in your home, don’t forget to use a range of colors within the spectrum. While this space features brown tones, it’s easy to see varying shades stand out. Shapes can also create dimension. While the desk offers structured design, the other elements in the space…the chair, the art, the lamp…all featured rounded design for a well-balanced look.

New Nooks

Because we’re all spending more time in our homes this year than ever before, new spaces have been created. The need to work from home escalated, and home offices were either carved out or upgraded. Outdoor spaces were busy with family time, or quiet, alone time.  And, many families have now developed spaces for remote learning. 

home office nook roller shade drapery chagrin falls oh
Designer Roller Shades

Windows can play a big role in your “at home” success. Achieving the right balance of lighting, temperature control and glare reduction will be important. And, of course, styling your home with the elements you love will surround you with happiness.

Which Current Design Trends Piqued Your Interest?

Whether you want to improve, transform, or completely redo one of the current design trends, we are here to help! Our team at Timan Window Treatments wants to help you stay with the times–as well as live in comfort. You’re spending much of your time at home, it might as well be just what you want! Contact us today for a free design consultation today!