Window Shades and Their UV Protection

With summer starting to wind down, your sunscreen bottle may be running empty. We all know just how strong those summer UV rays can get, but they really don’t stop when the heat does. Even more so, your skin isn’t the only thing that needs UV protection. Your home needs protection from the sun as well–and, that comes from your window treatments! Protect your home from fading walls, floors, and furniture by outfitting your windows with functional and stylish solutions. 


UV Protection: It’s a Necessity 

Bare windows can seem like a dream because of the completely unobstructed view, but living with them is a whole different story. These floor to ceiling windows in this dining room create an open and airy atmosphere, but there is no light filtering or privacy-adding capabilities when there aren’t any blinds or shades.

Bare floor to ceiling windows in dining room.

The glare will chase most people away to begin with, but at certain points direct will also be shining right into the room. Heat will pour through the windows. Your floor will end up with awkward fading from the area rug and window shapes. All-in-all, it’s just a super uncomfortable (yet stylish) space.  


Window Coverings are Your Solution

Gone are the days where all window treatments only have two options. Opened or closed. Open may leave you feeling like you’re in the picture above, while closed can make you feel like you’re in a cave. We have countless options to meet both your style and function needs. 

Sheer shades in dining room for added UV protection.
Silhouette® Window Shades

Before, this dining room probably didn’t see too many moments where family and friends were gathered around the large table. However, now with shades in place, it’s a completely changed atmosphere! Just by adding sheer fabrics, you can add UV protection to your windows. The space has access to natural light and views. In the evening the vanes can adjust closed for added protection and privacy. It’s the perfect, happy medium. 


Let Us Know When You’re Ready

You truly can “have your cake and eat it too”, even in the world of window treatments. Say hello to your ideal atmosphere, gorgeous fabrics to match your style, and home finishes that will stay looking fabulous with your new shades with UV protection.

Cellular shades to protect home from sun rays.
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

No matter what solutions your windows need, from energy efficiency to child safety and everything in between, our team here Timan Window Treatments is here to help! Contact us today for your FREE consultation.