Bedroom Design Tips: Stylish & Cozy

Have you considered what an important role your bedroom plays in your life? It can be a neglected space for many of us, and it really should be one of the most important! This space helps you get going in the morning, and it is where you recharge at night. Not only do you want a cozy space, you most likely want it to be stylish as well. An ideal bedroom is a blend of comfort, privacy and personal flare. Keep reading to learn some bedroom design tips to help you create your own personal sanctuary…

#1 Bring in the Color

The Color of the Year 2021, is all about creating a happy–yet balanced–mood for your space. If yellow & gray is not your ideal color combination, try selecting another color that brightens your mood, and pair it with your favorite neutral. A fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to freshen-up a bedroom quickly!

yellow gray master bedroom Cleveland, OH

#2 Fabrics Make it Your Own

Once you have your color scheme selected, start choosing your fabrics. Fabrics come in so many different colors, textures and patterns. Pick fabrics that speak to your personal taste and style to create a distinct space. Your selections will resonate a vibe that is uniquely you and will match your personality perfectly.

Design Studio Window Treatments in Bedroom
Design Studio® Window Treatments

Window treatments are an ideal way to blend fabrics into your space. Using fabric shades or draperies in your bedroom creates a custom, stylish look. Do not forget the bedding and accent pillows! These elements can be readily changed to reveal a fresh look when the mood strikes.

#3 Accommodating the Atmosphere

A change of the seasons is the perfect time to adjust your bedding to accommodate the altering temperature. Not only will you be more comfortable making these adjustments, but you can use this opportunity to update the look and feel of your space as well. Another way to create a cozy space is to choose the best window treatments for your situation. Too much or too little light entering a room or too many drafts & breezes can make a space undesirable. But, this is all easily fixed when the right window treatments are selected!

New Hybrid shutters in bedroom
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters
  • Too much morning light in your room? Room darkening shades will block out that light and help you sleep-in longer.
  • Need privacy but love natural light streaming into a space? Learn more about top down shades and how effective they are as a solution!
  • Want shades that will adjust with the changing light throughout the day?  Smart shade technology will do the work for you.
  • Desire peace of mind knowing your children are safe in their rooms? Cordless shades are child safe and offer protection.

#4 Decluttering is Key

Nothing disrupts our peace of mind quite like a cluttered space. When areas are filled with unnecessary “stuff”, anxiety and agitation usually follows. Try selecting décor that is useful and incorporate it sparingly to create a more open, fresh and inviting bedroom. You and your family will all sleep better!

#5 Incorporating Plants

Much like in nature, real plants in the home will help to create a calm and relaxing environment. Integrating real plants in your bedroom design will help to naturally freshen-up the space as well by improving the air quality. With the majority of people sleeping a third of their life, fresh bedroom air is a “must have.”

feature wall showing bedroom design tips

Plants range in color, size and shape–adding interest in any space they are used. With so many easy to grow varieties of plants available, and so many benefits from using them, there is no reason not to include plants in your home design. Design Tip: Select the same pot color to help unite plants within a space.

Try-Out Bedroom Design Tips

Ready to freshen-up your bedroom this season? We are here to help. Our team will guide you through the process to help you create your bedroom vision using these design ideas and more! Your perfect bedroom atmosphere can be yours. Contact us for your FREE Consultation.