Get Relief from the Sun

Is there any better place to spend the summer than Northeast Ohio? We have the most beautiful weather. Days spent at your favorite beach–nights spent taking in the Lake Erie sunset, or listening to live music–it just doesn’t get any better than this. What about your time at home? Do you have the perfect spot to relax with a shaded patio? Even with the beauty of the Cleveland area summer, it can get pretty hot. Now is the right time to start preparing your home for summer–making sure you’ll have relief from the sun when you need it! 

Relief from the Sun?

We wait all year for June, July & August. But, when they finally arrive? You might find yourself desperate for relief from the sun. Let’s talk patio areas.

motorized screen roller shades on patio in Cleveland OH
Motorized Exterior Screen Shades

You want to be able to enjoy your outside time to the fullest. Patio shades are a great way to shade your family from the sun, keep out the bugs and still enjoy fresh air if there’s a light drizzle. 


The Summer Heat

Speaking of hot temperatures, it’s not just outdoor time that can have us facing exhausting heat. Windows act like magnifying glasses when the sun shines bright, baking the interior of your home.

relief from the sun with energy efficient roman shades in Cleveland OH
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

If you find yourself searching for relief from the sun due to skyrocketing energy bills, it’s time to look into energy efficient window treatments. Protect the comfort of your home while saving on utilities.


The Interior of Your Home

The sun’s rays can wreak havoc on the interior of your home. Faded flooring and walls, spotted upholstery–permanent damage done to the design elements. And, the glare? It never does away.

screen shades protect the interior of the home in Chagrin Falls OH
Designer Screen Shades

Regardless of which direction your windows face, you need relief from the sun. UV rays enter, causing harm and ruining the atmosphere. This is why it can be so helpful to consult with window covering specialists about which products will help you enjoy your home, but protect it at the same time. 


The Rest You Deserve

Achieving a good night’s sleep & window coverings often go hand-in-hand. But, in the summer, the right window treatments can make a world of difference. With the sun setting much later during summertime, it can be hard to convince yourself–and your children–that it’s time to get to bed. But, with room darkening window coverings, the moment they are lowered into place, it’s nighttime. No matter what the sun is doing outside.

room darkening shades in bedroom in Rocky River OH
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

In addition to darkening the bedrooms of your home, choosing the correct operating system can be a very important aspect of the window treatments you select. While it’s nice to have a “cave-like” vibe when it’s time to sleep, there are plenty of times during the day when enjoying the natural light is vital to a happy, healthy home.


Create Your Happy Place.

If you’re looking forward to the Cleveland area summer, but still want to get relief from the sun, we understand! Our team, at Timan Custom Window Treatments, has been helping clients create the perfect balance in their homes for years. We can guide you to the best products and features that will help you enjoy your home to the fullest. Let’s get together for a FREE consultation today and prepare your home for summer fun!