Automating Your Home: Make it Simple

When you begin the process of automating your home it can be overwhelming. All the techy language, the multiple devices, the list of options…it’s supposed to make life easier right? When it comes to automated window treatments, Hunter Douglas PowerView®  can fit anyone’s lifestyle. Their simple process can be tailored to your needs, creating an intuitive experience that will improve the function of your home. Let’s explore together.

Increased Security

Do you leave a light on when you’re gone from home? Sure, we all do. We want our homes to be safe when we aren’t there, welcoming us home if we return late at night. Smart shades take this idea one step further. By automating your home you can schedule shades and drapes to adjust into different positions throughout the day–giving the illusion that someone is in the home. They can even open to welcome the kids home from school, closing up the house shortly after. How’s that for added protection? 

Hunter Douglas Window Shades Cleveland by Timan Custom Window Treatments
Pirouette® Shades

Put Your Mind At Ease

There’s so much to think about these days: Work, kids, the future. Anything that takes stress away is a welcomed addition to our lives. Take the interior of your home for example–the furnishings, flooring and family heirlooms. Do you have time to think about maintaining the security and protection of your home? Automating your home with smart shades means protecting your largest asset. 

dashboard automated window treatments in cleveland oh

Schedule your blinds to close during the brightest and hottest times of day, for protection against harsh UV rays while maintaining comfortable temps. It’s that simple.

Happy Pets, Happy Life

When the family leaves for the day, it can be a lonely time for our furry friends. But, closing up the house is necessary to keep them cool and protected. Why not set the smart shades to allow pets a view to the outside, or a cozy spot in the sun to enjoy a morning snooze? Set a schedule for them or adjust remotely. After all, they are part of the family, too. 

cellular roller shades for pet's sunny spot in Chagrin Falls OH
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades


The Atmosphere: Regulated

Creating the right atmosphere for your home is an important way to improve its comfort. When you’re at home throughout the day, you may find yourself adjusting the shades to remove glare from the kitchen table or turning up the air conditioning to cool your house down just a bit. But, who’s managing that when you’re not there? By automating your home, temperature control and window covering adjustments are taken care of. You’ll no longer arrive home to a stuffy house. Set it and forget it. One less job for you!

duette honeycomb shades with lightlock for blackout shades in Chagrin Falls OH
Duette® Honeycomb Shades with LightLock™

Automating Your Home: Now’s the Time

Add a bit of freedom to your life! By automating your home you have less to worry about and more time to enjoy your space. Smart shades will bring your home to life by adding healthy routines, improving the atmosphere and providing protection and privacy. Let our Timan Window Treatments team evaluate where smart home features could improve your family’s lifestyle. Contact us for a FREE Consultation.