Style Focus: Entryway Inspiration

The holidays are around the corner–is your home ready to welcome guests? We have entryway inspiration & ideas for your to create the right atmosphere. Not only will your visitors be wow-ed and welcomed when they come over, but you and your family will feel more comfortable and at peace in the transformed space. When it comes to entryways, focusing on both the indoor and outdoor elements, is key!


Simple, Clean Style

Oftentimes, in entryways, we see a long console table acting as the main piece of furniture. This helps to add functionality and storage while also drawing the eye into the rest of the space.

Entryway inspiration with natural wood entry table and woven baskets

Do you love how Our Suburban Home kept it clean and classic in their foyer? This photo gave us all the entryway inspiration we needed! The slim console table, baskets for storage, and contrasting colors help to draw the eye in, while keeping the space clutter-free and truly beautiful.

Open & Inviting 

Does your foyer have vaulted ceilings? How about a large footprint? An open floor plan can serve as a way to have an inviting feeling right off the bat. However, they can also be tricky to style and decorate. The large, open space is often best put together with the “less is more” approach. Create designated areas for furniture–a bench or seating in one spot, a table with decor in another.

Large foyer with floor to ceiling windows
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Especially in larger spaces, natural lighting plays a huge role. Implementing automated window treatments will allow you to stay within your style while also adding functionality, convenience, and a comfortable atmosphere.


What Windows Can Do

The windows in your home are crucial to the design, both inside and outside. The right window treatments will allow the windows to remain the focal point, while also providing extra privacy, light control, and a style that fits your preferences.

Interior shutters on arched window and front door
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

Not only do window treatments make a statement inside the home, but they also can help to elevate your curb appeal as they will be seen from outside, too.


Searching for Entryway Inspiration? 

When it comes to entryway inspiration, our team is full of experts. We can help you outfit your home with all the best treatments for your windows and doors to add a cohesive and comfortable feeling. Right from the very first step in the door, everyone who enters your home will feel welcomed and at home. Contact us to get started with your FREE consultation.