Bathroom Features for an Ideal Space

Do you know which room is most often neglected when it comes to design? It’s the bathroom. Why are so many people hesitant to finish–or even get started? The bathroom features can seem overwhelming: Privacy is a must, but so is light. It’s a room that can experience humidity, so what’s possible?


The Perfect Combination

When we talk about bathroom features, the number one combination is privacy + light. It’s a space that should offer you comfort, but that doesn’t mean you have to close yourself off to the world.

split tilt bathroom shutters motorized Plantation Shutters Chagrin Falls 44022
Palm Beach™ Polysatin® Shutters

Window coverings that let light in through the top, but close off the bottom view are essential. In the case of plantation shutters, it’s called split tilt. When it comes to shades, you can explore top down bottom up.


Window Direction

We’ve touched on this topic before. The direction your windows face can create their very own set of issues–or benefits. This is another reason why people wait to choose window coverings–too many decisions and factors to consider. When bathroom features go beyond privacy and light, it’s a great idea to bring in the professionals so you can create the exact atmosphere you want.

bathroom features for UV protection of interiors in Cleveland OH
Designer Screen Shades

For instance, when you go all out to create a stunning space, the last thing you’ll want is UV rays fading your interiors. Or, the glare is so harsh that you can’t relax. With window coverings that offer UV protection and reduced glare, you’ll create the sanctuary you deserve.

When your windows bring in an incredible amount of heat–or if they are way too drafty in the winter, you’ll want to add energy efficiency to your wishlist of bathroom features.

cellular roller shades on large window in Rocky River bathroom
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

Keep the heat of summer out and the chill of winter at bay with fabric window shades that have energy saving properties.


Dressing Large Windows

Floor to ceiling windows are breathtaking. And, with large windows, it’s natural to want to show off the view–when it’s not the bathroom. But, in this ultra-private space, which window coverings create the mix of privacy when it’s necessary, and style all the time?

neutral bathroom designer banded shades feature wall
Designer Banded Shades

You can have it all. Don’t let large windows in your bathroom intimidate you. Dress them as the stunning feature wall you would choose if that same window was in your living room. But, in the case of bathroom features, you’ll want to make sure you can transition from stunning views to closed up privacy in an instant. That’s one of the reasons smart shades have become a favorite in the bathroom.


Styling Small Spaces

On the other hand, if the windows in your bathroom are small, you might be trying to decide which coverings will fit the look. Our advice? Choose window treatments with neutral styling. They’ll make it feel more open.

bathroom cordless blinds Hunter Douglas blinds Cleveland 44125
Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds

But, the most important factor? Simple adjustment. If it’s a small window, chances are you’ll want “on/off” control, which means privacy in one position, open view in another. For guest bathrooms, children’s bathrooms and powder rooms, you don’t want to complicate the process.


Get the Bathroom Features You Deserve

Do any of these bathroom features sound like they might fit your home? Have you been waiting to cover your windows because you’re not sure what to choose? Let our team, at Timan Custom Window Treatments, help you decide! We’ll guide you to the products that will create the right atmosphere and benefits you’ve been searching for. Get in touch with us for your FREE consultation.