Got Questions about Covering Doors? We’ve Got Answers!

Springtime is well on its way! Now is the time of year where we all want to start getting outdoors. Our moods improve as the amount of light increases. But, wait. Does this time of year also spark questions about covering doors? Heading in and out–the function of doors is important. But, privacy and light control become more of an issue during this time of year, too. Luckily, if you’ve got questions, our window covering specialists have answers…


The best coverings for doors?

There’s a lot to consider, since the doors of your home not only bring in light and views, like the windows, but the also have to function. And, depending on the time of year, lack of energy efficiency can freeze you or make you sweat. We compiled a list of questions about covering doors that will be important to think about as you make decisions…

  • Is the door knob/lever still usable?
  • Will the door open fully?
  • Nearby windows for coordinating design?
  • How will the window treatments attach?

Because there are a number of tricky aspects of choosing what works for your doors, we highly recommend talking to the pros.

french door lever handles with shades

What’s best for front door privacy?

One of the most-asked questions about covering doors starts at the entry to the home. Privacy is an important factor, but most entryways have windows–whether on the door itself, or the narrow windows alongside the door, known as sidelights.

roman shades on front entry door and sidelights
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Many times, it comes down to style. But, keep in mind that you may want to invite light inside your entry, as well.

white shutters on narrow front windows
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

How about covering sliding glass doors?

Since sliding doors adjust open sideways, many homeowners choose window treatments that operate the same way.

vertical honeycomb shades that slide open like sliding glass doors
Duette® Shades with Vertiglide


Gliding panel window in Cleveland living room
Skyline® Gliding Window Panels


modern dining room in Chagrin Falls 44022 with vertical privacy sheers large dining room table
Luminette® Privacy Sheers


But, your home is unique, and the way you use your doors is specific to your lifestyle. If you want horizontal shades because you want the look and features they offer, you can choose from a variety of options!

pirouette shades on sliding door adjusting up and down
Pirouette® Shades

Window shades on sliders are a great option, and by upgrading to automation, you can adjust the shades open with a voice command or with one tap. It’s the hassle-free experience you deserve.


What works to cover an “all glass” door?

Doors offer the unique experience of having a gorgeous view and plenty of natural light. But, if you need to control the temperature, direct light and glare, along with privacy, you’re not alone. Many doors that are comprised of glass may have enough frame to attach window treatments.

room darkening shutters on glass patio doors in master bedroom Middleburg Heights, OH
Heritance® Hardwood Shutters

Have even less frame than what’s shown above? We’ve got you! One of the newest innovations is TrackGlide, a narrow track that adheres to a minimal frame around glass doors and windows. The shades glide up and down, providing light control, privacy and energy efficiency. No drilling necessary!

custom door coverings for french doors with trackglide in Cleveland OH
Duette® Shades with TrackGlide™

How do I cover interior french doors?

Are you lucky enough to have french doors leading into one of your interior rooms? Home offices are a popular choice, and these doors add elegance and levels of function. But, sometimes it’s important to have adjustable coverings to control the light and add more privacy. Roller shades and roman shades are two common choices for interior french doors. Most products will work well, and you can coordinate the look of your home throughout.

roller shades on interior french doors in home office
Designer Roller Shades


honeycomb shades on interior french doors
Duette® Honeycomb Shades
draperies cover french doors in Chagrin Falls OH home
Design Studio® Draperies


More Questions About Covering Doors?

We created this guide to help you consider important aspects when covering doors. But, if you have more questions about covering doors, we’d love to help. Your doors may have special considerations that are unique to your home, and bringing in one of our window covering specialists will set your mind at ease that you’re making the best decisions for your home! Contact our team, at Timan Custom Window Treatments, for your FREE consultation.