Home Investments 101: What’s Important

Maybe you’ve been thinking of putting your home on the market? Or, you’re a current homeowner wondering what home investments can pay off long-term? If you have these questions, let’s get to the answers–and discover where window treatments fit in. 


How Can I Get the Biggest Return on Investment?

Most of the evidence proves that bathroom and kitchen remodels can be the top home investments. Of course, these projects can be budget busters. But with the right plan and approach, you can also see big gains. Renovations of these spaces will transform your home, regardless of whether you’re looking to sell, or simply start your next project.

Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue cabinets

Bathroom and kitchen renovations can turn your home upside down because of how utilized they are every day. Consider getting started on these as soon as possible so you can get back to loving your home to the fullest. 

luxury master bathroom with dark window shadings in Cleveland, OH


How Important Is the Exterior?

Let’s be honest, your curb appeal can go a long way as a first impression. Get a head start on your exterior by sprucing up your front and backyard areas. Landscaping, front walkways, siding, and roofing can all go into this category. Want some things you can knock out in a weekend or two? Try these tips:

  • Refresh your front door with a new coat of paint
  • Plant newly blooming florals and greenery for a pop of color
  • Get out and power wash siding and concrete walkways
home improvements to exterior patio with screen shades in Cleveland, OH
Exterior Screen Shades

If you have a patio or deck, you know how beneficial it is to backyard activities and relaxing. Create an outdoor oasis that blocks harsh UV rays, and keeps bugs at bay with exterior screen shades. We love how they immediately produce the feeling of being in an outdoor room with minimal effort. Don’t forget to give any patio, deck, or fencing that needs repairing some attention. It will all be worth the effort. 


When Should I Replace My Windows?

As a homeowner, you already know how important having the right windows is. Putting this home investment on your list can give you benefits right away–even if you aren’t selling. Older wooden window frames can cause you to feel like you’re just tossing money out of your windows. Stabilize your energy bill, and create temperature balance year-round with replacement windows.

rocky river, oh bedroom with custom drapery and room darkening hunter douglas shades

Over the course of years, the cost of inefficient, old windows can really stack up. Not ready to replace them just yet? Get similar benefits with energy efficient window coverings. Conserve energy, and regulate your home for improved comfort. 


What About Flooring?

We know some homeowners love carpet, but for many, it can be a big hassle with little benefit to their lives. It holds onto unsavory odors, allergens, and pet dander that can seriously derail your sense of well-being. Not to mention that it increasingly shows wear and tear. Even top of the line selections don’t last beyond a certain point. Should no one have carpet in their home?

renovated dining room with hardwood flooring and carpet in Chagrin Falls, OH 

Not at all. We know it’s a personal decision that can be affected by changing factors like kids and pets. At the end of the day, it’s up to you. If replacing your flooring is one of the home investments you’re ready to take on, choose hardwood flooring or tile. They’re both durable, long lasting and they don’t hold onto pesky odor and triggering allergens. If you want the plush feeling of carpet under your feet, go for an area rug. It can be easily swapped out as necessary and cleaned more readily. 


What Can I Do Right Now?

You already know how important details are. These are the things that made you fall in love with your home. By putting effort into these smaller home investments, you can bring those details back to life. Here are a few of our favorite ways to pack a punch. 

  • Change out light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Upgrade a room with a new coat of neutral paint
  • Toss worn out area rugs & doormats for new ones that set the tone
  • Create better closet organization systems
  • Give cabinet hardware an update in kitchens & bathrooms
tall floor to ceiling windows in dining room covered with pirouette sheer shades in Rocky River OH
Pirouette® Shades


What About the Window Treatments?

Remember when we said details are what make people “fall in love” with a home? Those details are often the differences that buyers pay attention to when choosing a home. And, buyers that fall in love are usually the ones that will come in over asking price when the final sale is made.  

home office with woven shades and draperies
Alustra® Woven Textures®

Atmosphere, aesthetics, and your own design style are all heavily influenced by window treatments. When you’re working with a top industry product such as Hunter Douglas, you also get many more features. Buzzwords like energy efficiency and smart home technology are key players in home investments. They can help you get every bit of use from your space and sell potential buyers on the quality of your home. 

standing tub by wall of windows in Cleveland OH

Getting ready for your day in a light-filled space is a must. That’s why popular features for bathrooms are windows that let the light in. That brings up the question of privacy. At the very top of the home investments list are bathroom window treatments. They put you in control of how much light you want and when you need privacy you’re in charge. We think that’s a pretty important benefit. 

Provenance woven woods cellular dual shades by Hunter Douglas. Cleveland OH
Provenance® Woven Woods

One of the first areas that clients come to us for help with is bedrooms and bathrooms. When making choices about where to invest your time, energy, and resources these spaces are safe moves. These are both rooms where privacy and comfort are the main concern. And we all know how important it is to have some temperature control.

boho dining room with hunter douglas vertical insulating shades Rocky River
Duette® with Vertiglide®

Window treatments can be such an underestimated investment when it comes to how your home is impacted by the sun. Damaging UV rays can impact not only your health, but the interior furnishings of your home. Long-term management starts at the windows. 


Which Home Investments Are You Making?

No matter where you are in the journey of buying, selling, or updating your home, we know it can be a lot to think about. Laying out the options with a professional and talking through what you want and need is vital. Don’t get stuck in the decision making process. Reach out to our incredible team at Timan Window Treatments, and let’s get started! Schedule your FREE consultation with us.