Covering Large Windows: What to Know

Large windows in a home are a huge advantage. They let in an enormous amount of natural light, marvelous views, and the ideal feng shui to your space. If you have them, you already know covering large windows comes with its challenges. Because enjoying this amazing feature outweighs any obstacles, we’ve got some answers to your questions.

What is your ideal amount of light?

Large windows can be fantastic with how much light and warmth they let in, until it’s too much. Depending on where your windows face and the direction of the sun, you’ll need just the right light control. If your large windows face the west they will need stronger light blocking window treatments more than if they face the east. If your bedroom has large windows it’s important to explore room darkening options for ideal sleep and relaxation.

hallway in Avon Lake OH home with large windows facing outdoors with white fabric shades

Is a view important?

The view out of your windows will help determine the best solutions for covering large windows. If you see into an alley or a neighbor’s kitchen, the view isn’t as important. If you can gaze upon your garden or rolling hills, that is a view that should be showcased. Either way, the light coming in is the most important thing. You must ask yourself which scenario fits you best.

Traditional living room with white tufted white chair modern roman shades on specialty shapes with windows in Chagrin Falls 44022
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

What level of privacy is important?

With large windows it’s easier to see out, but also easier to see in. Privacy is a huge factor in covering large windows. Rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms should have window treatments that allow light to enter while maintaining privacy. Night time is also a prime time to make sure you have enough privacy. The rooms that are open during the day to let natural light in, you may want to obscure the view of any onlookers.

floor to ceiling roman shades in bathroom in Cleveland OH

Will your window coverings need adjusting?

Manual and automated options are available for window coverings. Depending on the room and the desired solution, it’s possible you can set one adjustment and not need to change it. However, it’s very likely throughout the day a room’s needs will change. Smart control will really come in handy. With one push of a button or a voice command to Alexa your adjustments can be made in seconds.

Designer Roller Shades covering floor to ceiling windows in a modern kitchen with dark hardwood. There is a sitting area with blue statement chairs and a small table in between them.
Designer Roller Shades


Is energy efficiency important to you?

In Ohio, your inside temperature comfort levels will change with the seasons. It’s important to stay comfortable despite what’s happening outside. Energy saving options can help you stay at the temperatures you want by covering large windows. You should be cozy all year round.

large windows timan window treatments

Time to start covering large windows in your home?

Let our team at Timan Window Treatments get each room handled. Your home is different than anyone else’s and it’s important to take time to come up with a custom solution to your needs. Reach out to us today, we’d love to chat during your free design consultation.