Buying Window Treatments: What to Ask

It may seem daunting to add the finishing touches to your home. There are endless options for interior design and it can feel overwhelming. We know buying window treatments makes a huge difference, so we put together a guide to make it easier on you.

What Style Do You Like?

There are two main categories for window treatments: Hard & soft treatments. The hard treatments are shutters and blinds because they have adjustable slats that are made of metal, vinyl or wood. The soft treatments are draperies and shades made mostly of fabrics and natural materials. Once you know the type of covering that you like, it’s easier to make the additional selections.

fabric options different colors

Which Function Is Most Important?

Ask yourself, “What do I need window treatments for?” Every home is different and the wants and needs of the space can vary. When buying window treatments, it is essential to identify what the issues are and what solutions can solve them.

Some common issues are…

  • Light Control
  • Room Darkening
  • Privacy
  • Hard-to-reach Windows
  • Glass Doors
  • Energy Efficiency

What Direction Do Your Windows Face?

Where your windows face have a huge impact on your home. Different directions need different solutions. If the windows are met with the morning sun, constant light throughout the day, or only as the sun is setting, it matters.

What Is Your Budget?

Many factors are at play when buying window treatments. Yes, the cost of them has increased so it’s important to address a budget. A wide variety of offerings such as cost, quality, service, and warranty are all factors in making the right investment for your home. Research the brand, the company’s ratings, and the lifespan of the products when assessing a budget.

Come See Your Options Before Buying Window Treatments

With our expert staff’s knowledge, why don’t you come to our showroom and see our window coverings in person? You can touch and feel the quality and discuss what solutions will work best for your lifestyle. If you have concerns or questions our Timan Window Treatment team is here with answers.

timan window treatments interior of showroom on willow parkway in Cleveland

If you’d rather us come to you, let’s set up a free in-home design consultation. We want to help you enjoy your home as soon as possible. Contact us today! We’re looking forward to working together.