Find Window Treatments for Every Room

What’s one of the most commonly asked questions? “Which type of shades are best for the _______room?” When clients are looking to add window treatments to every room–or even just one room, they think about it in terms of the function of the space. But, not knowing what’s out there, they want to narrow it down so they can get to the fun part, like choosing the colors and textures. Us, too! Let’s take a look at some of the top features and considerations you might have in your home & which window treatments will work best.


Your Entryway

The front of the home should feature privacy & natural light. Facing the street, you’ll want to block the view in. But, you don’t want the atmosphere to be dark and uninviting. For rooms where maintaining privacy & inviting natural light is important, you can consider three types of window treatments.

  • Top down, bottom up
  • Split tilt shutters
  • Dual shades
honeycomb shades in sidelight window in Cleveland home
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

The Kitchen

It’s a gathering place, a hub of activity, meal prep central…the list goes on. Your kitchen is a hard-working room. By creating the right atmosphere with light control and efficiency, you’ll be on the right track for a successful start and finish–every day! Does your home feature an open floor plan? Many times, the kitchen joins with the rest of the living space. You can easily add control to the kitchen, while coordinating the look of your home with collections that can be styled nicely together.

dark gray roller shades in Rocky River OH kitchen with gray vertical shades on sliders
Designer Roller Shades & Skyline® Gliding Window Panels


Multipurpose Spaces

The great room, family room, living room…what do you call these spaces? Regardless of how you refer to them, you probably have more than one–and chances are, they’re used for a variety of activities. Because these rooms need to serve a wide variety of uses across the day, from media room to entertaining guests, the light control should be customizable. You also might find that these rooms can feature layout challenges that keep you from being able to adjust your window treatments, like furniture placement or hard-to-reach windows. Adding smart shades will be one of the smartest things you could do–set scenes, save favorites and access the perfect atmosphere in an instant.

finding window treatments for every room with silhouette shades
Silhouette® Window Shades


The Home Office

With so many homeowners now working remote, the home office needs to be a productive space. Once used for a style statement, or a place to pay the bills, the home office might be where you are from 8-5. To bring in natural light & maintain privacy, while keeping exhausting light from your eyes, or glare from your computer screens, we have some favorites:

  • Sheer shades
  • Top down solutions
  • Dual shades
Dual shades for this home office in Cleveland home.
Silhouette® Shades with Duolite®


To Dine, or Not to Dine?

As our modern lifestyles evolve, some traditions carry on, and others stay in the past. We find that the dining room is seeing changes, with some clients turning it into an entirely different space. For some, it’s a statement of design–a place for special dinners and holiday entertaining. For others, it’s an important piece–not always used for just dining. Depending on how you’ll use this room, one of the most important things to keep in mind is how the light enters. That can make or break the atmosphere and comfort.

Cleveland OH dining room with three windows dark faux wood blinds
Everwood® Composite Blinds

The Bedrooms of Your Home

It will come as no surprise that clients look for room darkening in the bedrooms. But, what may come as a surprise are all the other features you can get–in addition to room darkening. Once upon a time, lowering your shades meant you had an “on/off” switch. Darkness at night and light during the day. But, that light can be harsh, the UV rays–damaging, the heat–exhausting, the privacy–gone. With contemporary window treatments for every room, you can choose levels of light control, customizable to what each room needs.

dual shades are window treatments for every room
Alustra® Woven Textures


Powder, Guest, Full & Master

That’s right! We’re talking about the bathrooms of your home. What’s the number one feature? If you guessed privacy, you’d be correct. What makes the space work, though? It’s really about the operating system. When children and guests have to access privacy, you’ll want an easy system to open and close. We love cordless options for this reason. It’s a simple open/close…no muss, no fuss. Both the LiteRise® and SoftTouch™ systems work perfectly in these spaces. When it comes to larger bathrooms, with windows that are out of reach due to height or placement of the tub, automating those window treatments will quickly become your favorite feature.

modern roman shades in master bathroom in Cleveland OH
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Discover Window Treatments for Every Room!

Do you need solutions with window treatments for every room? Or, are you starting with one specific space? No matter the circumstance, we’d love to help you discover the ideal coverings. We’ve been working with families in the Cleveland area for decades…styling spaces, creating atmosphere & solving the trickiest window issues! Let’s schedule a time for a window covering specialist to visit your home for a one-on-one. We can answer all of your questions, show you samples and walk through the rooms of your home to find the best choices for you and your family. Get in touch with our team at Timan Custom Window Treatments for your FREE consultation.