Our Top 8 Reasons to Cover Your Windows

Do you find yourself contemplating whether or not to cover your windows? We’re here to help decide what solutions are best for you and your home. Let’s take a look at the top reasons we think you should…


#1 Eliminate the Glare

You’re trying to enjoy yourself and are bombarded with that annoying glare on your screens.  We’ve all been there! Screen usage has increased drastically, although we hate to admit it. There’s no use suffering when doing a daily activity. If your hesitation to cover your windows comes from not wanting to block natural views or light, don’t worry. There are many window treatments that will bring in that sought after light but squash the glare.

#2 Put a Stop to Harmful UV Damage

Are UV rays damaging your interiors? If you have hardwood flooring, you might be nodding your head right now. But, the damage doesn’t just stay on the floor–unfortunately. Artwork, painted walls, furniture, upholstery & more can be affected. When you decide to cover your windows, you also make the decision to protect your interior decor from damage, in turn, saving money.

Bare floor to ceiling windows in dining room.

#3 Improve Everyone’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is good for your health, mood, and so much more. The CDC says 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep! If you or one of your family members suffers from poor sleep, it could be the lighting to blame. Window treatments allow you & your family to fall asleep earlier and stay asleep longer because they block out disruptive light.

Large corner windows with floor to ceiling roller shades for room darkening

#4 Get Plenty of Privacy

Obviously you know why it’s important to have privacy in spaces like the bedroom or bathroom. But what about other rooms? During the day it may not seem like an invasion of privacy, but once the sun goes down, your neighbors can see what you’re eating, watching on television, and your every move. Doesn’t sound like fun to us.

cover your windows for privacy at night
Duette® Shades (You choose the opacity that’s right for your home!)

#5 Add Security

Feeling safe in your home is important. It’s also important to feel that your home is safe when you’re away. Smart shade integration is upping the security game because adjustments are able to be made on vacation or a certain time of day, like sunset. Having peace of mind that your home is protected and safe from outside viewers is priceless.

the best shades for skylights motorized shades

#6 Save Money on Energy Bills

Who doesn’t enjoy saving money? When temperatures are at an all time high, it’s nice to have energy efficient options to cover your windows. These shades keep the inside cool and away from the harsh outside heat. In the cooler months, the warmth of your home isn’t disrupted by a chilly draft. Plus, you’ll keep your energy bills at bay.

cellular roller shades in Rocky River OH bathroom
Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades

#7 Capture the Perfect Lighting

In the past, window coverings were made to either let all the light in, or block all of it out. Think of it as a on/off light switch. Now because of incredible enhancements and innovations in the window covering industry, you can have all sorts of in between light control.

Coastal living room with two white accent chairs and large windows in Rocky River 44116
Silhouette® Shades

#8 Improve Your Home’s Style

We look at window coverings like art. They can add a whole new element of design and excitement to each and every space in your home. From rich textures, to light and airy draperies, there is always something to enhance your style.

floor to ceiling arched windows in modern neutral living room Cleveland, OH

Let’s Cover Your Windows!

We bet you didn’t know there were so many great reasons to cover your windows! Our professional team at Timan Window Treatments is here to go a step further and show you the window coverings that are right for your home. We will help guide you to the perfect solutions that fit your style and vision. Contact us today for a free in home design consultation today.