Before and After Window Treatments Revealed!

The “big reveal” is always the best part of any makeover show! That’s why we’ve compiled a group of 5 project with before and after window treatments! These amazing transformations will knock your socks off! But even more unbelievable is the added beauty and function window treatments provide your home. From superior style to light control, window treatments are the missing link in creating the home of your dreams. See how adding shades, blinds, shutters or drapery to your windows can be the finishing touch!

Perfect Your Favorite Spot

Love that nook in your kitchen? So warm and cozy. We’re all drawn to the hidden little spots in our home as a bit of an escape. Grab a book, a cup of tea and curl right up. Unfortunately, the coziness doesn’t last too long once the harsh glare and sunshine is upon us. We often find ourselves chased out of these areas by the hot, penetrating sun that prevents us from enjoying the view we love so much. The easy solution is to control the light by adding window coverings. Now you can relax all day if you’d like.

before and after nook in palm beach design in cleveland
Palm Beach™ Shutters

Fall in Love with Your Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Again!

Beware of “as seen on tv” home styling. Those bare floor to ceiling windows may look absolutely gorgeous in the movies, but in reality, it’s only for a sliver of the day before the sunlight comes crashing in. The heat, the glare and constant bright light can leave you exhausted and wanting to avoid the most beautiful room in the home. By adding a sheer shade or a view-through fabric covering, you can take it down a notch and transform this beautiful room into a live-able space. Check out the before and after window treatments scene below.

large windows in cleveland covered with nantucket shades before and after demo
Nantucket™ Shades

Traditional Design Refined

The window shades of today don’t take away from the style of your home–in fact, they’ll improve it. We use the most contemporary materials and finishes, in popular colors, patterns and textures to bring a sophisticated style to your home. With so many options, you’re bound to find the right product that complements other design elements throughout your home. To improve the look of your space, try covering bare windows with treatments. You’ll quickly see how they can add dimension to your space along with providing incredible benefits to your home.

modern look for before and after covering windows in cleveland kitchen
Modern Precious Metals® Blinds

Personalize the Atmosphere

It’s never just: yes or no, on/off, dark vs light anymore. There’s always alternatives. Today’s window treatments offer an incredible range of lighting. Light control being one of them, but also energy efficiency and privacy. With so many different products, each room in your home can be fit with fabric treatments of different opacities, resulting in varying degrees of light. Your comfort and personal preference is what custom means to us. Take a look at what we can accomplish with window treatments. 

  • Protect the view in or out
  • Manipulate brightness or direction of incoming light
  • Add temperature control
  • Frequency of adjustments and how they’re made

We can deliver a customizable atmosphere–simply choose what features are important. See the featured home office below. The fabric roman shades block light and heat from entering, but the top down feature allows for light to enter when needed. Also, the open top allows for city views and daylight brightness for an upbeat atmosphere. To reduce screen-glare and create a comfortable working environment, the bottom of the windows remain covered. By adding the smart shade feature to any treatment, you’ll enjoy more control with the tap of a device or voice command. We’ve thought of everything! 

before and after allustra in home office cleveland
Alustra® Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Protect Your Investments

Home maintenance is expensive, so take the necessary precautions to extend the life of costly interiors, like upholstery, wood floors, paint and wall art. The damage done by sunlight can be significant and gives a new meaning to “Before and After”. By covering bare windows with UV protecting window treatments, you’ll secure your investment as well as add style and function to your home. It’s that simple. 

woven woods in cleveland loft before and after
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

 Before and After Window Treatments: Is Your Home Next?

Doesn’t a “Before and After” window treatments transformation sound amazing? Why wait? We’d love to discuss the details of this article with you and how it pertains to your space. We can visit your home, take measurements, share ideas and offer you a free estimate! If you prefer to view the merchandise first, visit one of our showrooms, where you can see, feel and learn all about the new features available with window treatments today. Our Timan Custom Window Treatments team would love to help with your project. Get in touch with us for your FREE Consultation.