The Pantone Palette 2023: Discover the Color

With patience comes great reward, and with this year’s Pantone Palette 2023, the reward is abundant! The Color Institute has gifted us a sure group of winners–delightful, bold and filled with personality. Fall in love with your home again and renew your spirit with these emerging new colors!

Introducing Pantone Palette 2023!

Wow, way to make a first impression! This cheery mix is all about testing the limits of home accents and decor. Don’t be intimidated, the palette isn’t meant to be used all in one space. It’s a suggested group of bright colors we can pick and choose from. Where will these fresh new colors lead? Check out the top 10 in swatches! 

N7whC@$3BWUpiJ71?bCnR8T 10 pantone palette 2023


Once you’ve recovered from the color shock of the Top 10, you’ll be happy to know that the Color Institute’s “Core Classics” are a bit more “tame.” The palette of five swatches below offers a more subdued choice for balance. This evolution of color gives a new definition to neutral, and our designers are loving their depth!

core classics Pantone Palette 2023


Color: The Influencer in Home Design

When the Color Institute revealed the Pantone Palette 2023 at NYC’s fashion week, it took the fashion industry by storm! The vibrant color choices took center stage and home design was quick to follow. Here are some stunning photos, just a few examples of what you can expect to see in the coming year. Watch how color acts as ‘the influencer’ and creates some amazing designer trends. 

The Bedroom

As we see it, personalizing a bedroom with your favorite color is a must. It’s a simple way to create a space unique to you. Here, red and gray are used to really make a statement and add a youthful, modern vibe to what could be just an ordinary bedroom. We love the detail, especially the hanging bicycle. It’s a fun accent piece that brings it all together-making this bedroom one of a kind. 

Bedroom in bold colors of 2023 pantone palette

red/gray bedroom swatch

The Living Room

Now, the living room is known as a place to relax, spend time with family and discover the latest home decor trends, right? This living room features colors selected from the Pantone Palette 2023, nothing too intrusive, just the perfect “design forward” accent wall to keep the home current. The mid-century architecture of this home creates the perfect canvas for experimenting with a vibrant color. 

midcentury with love bird accent wall

love bird in midcentury living room

The Kitchen

After all, we spend the majority of our time in our kitchens, why not refresh the feel? Traditionally, kitchens are designed with neutral colors, but today, clients are taking chances by adding color in new places. We love this joyful, perky kitchen, it’s hard to keep from smiling. 

vibrant color kitchen 2023 Pantone

peach pink kitchen

The Dining Room

The dining room offers a chance for homeowners to express their individual style with meaningful accent pieces and family heirlooms. Why not get creative and impress your guests with bold colors, too. You won’t run out of dinner conversation.

dining room in pink

swatches including macchiado

The Bathroom

Although the Pantone Palette 2023 is filled with bold new colors, it’s ok to choose something more subtle. It’s fitting for a bathroom to be more calm, serene. By choosing a neutral color, you’ll create the vibe you’re looking for. Blue is a popular color choice for bathrooms; it’s fresh, clean and simple. Notice this palette includes a few shades of blue to choose from. 

coastal bathroom in pantone palette 2023

coastal colors in bathroom

Which Colors Are Your Favorite?

Do you have a favorite color from the Pantone Palette 2023? From the Top 10 or the Core Classics? Either way, we’d love to help create a refreshed version of your personal home style. Visit our showrooms in the Cleveland area, and view the fabric swatches in-person. You’ll be delighted to see what else we offer. During your visit, we can discuss window treatment products and how they can improve the function and fashion of your home. Schedule a FREE Consultation to get started and we’ll take it from there!