Dining Room Style Inspiration for Any Space

The holiday season is upon us, so it’s time for your dining room to shine! If there are some changes you’ve been wanting to make in the space, we have a few ideas to help you achieve the dining room style you love most. Together, we can take the space from barely used to a room you’re eager to host your family and friends in.


Traditional to Transitional 

The transitional style is one that is a hot topic in the design world these days. Simply put, transitional design adds a welcomed, slightly modern touch to an otherwise traditional style. After years of seeing many crisp white homes, warmer hues and contrasting colors are becoming more prevalent again. This is great news for those of you who love the traditional style! Not that you have to follow any design trends, but it sure does make it easier to find pieces you love in stores when it is a currently loved style.

Dining room with black accents
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

If you’re starting with an already warm, more traditional space but want to switch it up a bit…black accents can completely change the look and feel of a room. They add in a lighter, modern touch while still keeping the integrity of the room cozy and welcoming.


Create Your Own Dining Room Style

Does revamping the whole room not sound up your alley right now? That’s alright! Tablescapes are a simple, yet perfect way to customize your dining room style. Just look how Jess from @shiplapshanty added texture, color, and warmth to her table all with just a few different items. Tablescape in white shiplap dining room

Another great thing about decorating this way? The decor and textiles can simply just be switched out for different holidays and occasions. Keeping the same chargers and dishes all year round is a way to stay budget friendly while still creating a homey, welcoming, and conversation starting table for your loved ones to gather around. 

Fall in love with more of Jess’ style at shiplapshanty on Instagram.


Different Sized Dining Rooms

Each home, and room within each home, is made up of different sizes, layouts, and individual function to work with. The good news is you can make your dining room work beautifully for you no matter the size!

Gliding panels on wall of large windows
Skyline® Gliding Window Panels

A small space may mean you’re not hosting the entire extended family, but those cozy dinners with fewer guests are just as meaningful. The lasting memories don’t come from the size of the table, rather the time with the people sat around it.

Dining room with sheer shades
Luminette® Privacy Sheers

And for those larger spaces, bigger isn’t always better… unless it’s done right. Filling an empty space in a large dining room could be done in many ways, but perhaps one of our favorites is with an additional seating area. Adding two simple chairs with a small side table allows for another spot that can lead to meaningful conversation with those you may not have seen in awhile.


Display Your Favorites

Do you have a collection of china, vintage glassware, wine bottles, or pretty books that you love? While not everyone automatically thinks of the dining room being the place to showcase a collection, it can in fact make a stunning statement in there! Display items you love–not only to put a smile on your face, but your collections can be great conversation starters.

Dining room lined with mirrors
Alustra® Woven Textures®


Let us Help Create the Dining Room Style of Your Dreams

The experts here at Timan Window Treatments are always up for a new design project. The right window treatments help to elevate any room and can accentuate the dining room style you desire. If you’re ready to see your space completely transformed for the holidays, there’s no time like now to get started! Contact us today to start with your FREE consultation.