Ways to Brighten Your Home Amid the Darker Days of Winter

This time of year each day it’s getting slightly darker earlier and earlier. The sun setting earlier doesn’t just affect the outdoors, it makes our homes darker too! We’re no stranger to this natural darkening process during winter, however, it still seems to shake most of us each year. We’re bringing you ten tips today to help brighten your home.


1- Wall Colors

The walls are the biggest canvas in each room of your home. Certain colors have the ability to help an otherwise darker space come to life again and be brighter. Think whites, light neutrals, or any cheery color… They help to make a room feel lighter, and often have a positive affect on your mood as well! A fresh coat of lighter paint will keep the room fresh and airy, even in the long winter months.

Dual vignette roman shades in airy bedroom
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


2- Consider the Sheen

With options ranging from flat all the way to high gloss, picking a paint with a hint of gloss to it will help to reflect light rather than absorb it. Flat paint on darker days can leave a room feeling just that, flat. While a nice medium sheen, such as satin, will help bounce the light around while still not looking shiny.

Consider the direction of the windows in the rooms when selecting paint as well. A southern facing room may benefit from a flat sheen due to all the natural light pouring in and a northern facing space may feel better with a more middle ground sheen.


3- Look at the Lighting

Natural light, overhead lighting, lamps, candles… All have a time and place in the design world. Layering the levels of lighting you have allows you to match any mood and create your desired atmosphere, no matter the time of day.

floor to ceiling arched windows in modern neutral living room Cleveland, OH
Design Studio™ Roman Shades & Draperies


These winter months make it known just how crucial the right lighting is to comfort, function, and atmosphere. Lights with dimmer switches and automated shades are two ways you can elevate your lighting even more.


4- Lightbulbs

As we’re talking about lighting, not all light fixtures are right for every home, and the same goes for lightbulbs. You’re likely familiar with temperature of light, either warm or cool toned lightbulbs. Whichever you prefer, there is a “K” (Kelvin) rating on those bulbs as well. Many times, homeowners will opt for a softer light with a lower K rating for bedrooms. Then, they up the brightness for the kitchen. The good news? It’s all up to how you personally prefer each space in your home to look and feel!


5- Exterior of the Home

Landscaping may not be on the forefront of your mind as we approach the winter months. However, this is the perfect time to grab your gloves and see if there are any overgrown bushes or trees blocking the already minimal natural light from entering your windows. This quick change can bring upon a world of difference.

Exterior of home with large windows
Nantucket™ Sheer Shades


6- Lighten the Load

We’ve talked a lot about actual lighting, but what about lightening the load around your home? Filtering through rooms and ditching some of the clutter and things that no longer serve you in any way will leave the entire space feeling refreshed.

Additionally, mirrors, glass decor or cabinets, and framed artwork also create the illusion of more light. Adding these items to darker corners of your home will help to bounce the light around, which will help to brighten your home.


7- Look into Rugs

Wanting to show off those rich hardwoods is understandable! However, area rugs can help to brighten your home in those spaces that don’t get as much natural sunlight. The texture they add keeps the coziness while lightening up the space. Let the hardwoods shine in brighter rooms and find rugs you love for dimmer spaces.

textured white roller shades on large windows in Rocky River OH
Alustra® Woven Textures®


8- Mix the Light and Dark

A good contrast is always a design win! Making sure to balance light and dark pieces, instead of gravitating toward all one end of the spectrum will keep your home cozy and versatile for all seasons. If you have a dark wooden table, think of adding a light, neutral table runner for the holidays. Or if your couch is a light beige, a rich colored throw would look beautiful tossed on the end. Keeping the balance of light and dark elements will help to keep any space from feeling too dark overall, especially during these winter months.


Introduce the Right Window Treatments

Here at Timan Window Treatments, we know just how far the right window treatments can elevate a room. When selecting new treatments, it’s important to consider both the style you want and the functionality you need. Bare windows can be a nuisance on sunny and extra windy days, but the wrong coverings can be a problem of their own as well.

While we’re talking about how to brighten your home, don’t worry! The right treatments will not leave you feeling like you’re in a cave hibernating for the winter.


9- Top Down Shades

Top down shades are a crowd favorite around here. You can leave the top portions open to keep your space feeling bright while covering the bottoms of the windows to reduce glare and direct light and increase privacy.

Hunter Douglas motorized shades top down bottom up shades Chagrin Falls 44022
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades



10- Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are another great option to help brighten your home while still controlling the light. They cut back on glare and harsh UV rays pouring in, yet still have that light, airy look and feel to them.

whole house coordination for window covering style
Luminette® Privacy Sheers & Pirouette® Shades


If these longer days have you aching for a light refresh to brighten your home, we’re right there with you! Our team of experts is here and eager to help you get started with the perfect window treatments that will transform your space for all seasons to come. Contact us today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.