Making Your Space Look Larger in 9 Ways

Is your home feeling back to normal after the holiday season? Or, are you in the throws of the January blues…and everything seems off? We’ve got an idea! The cold weather drives us indoors, and the four walls might feel like they’re a bit tight right now. We’ve got 9 ways to make your space look larger, and a after a few moves to refresh the space, you could feel much better about your home.


#1 Eyes Up

Tall ceilings are a sure way to make your space look larger. But, we’re not suggesting you raise the ceilings. With simple adjustment of your curtain rods, you can elevate the room. Hang curtain rods well above the windows, with long draperies on each side. Your room will look instantly larger.

rose colored draperies with patterned roman shades in Chagrin Falls OH home
Design Studio™ Drapery Panels & Roman Shades


#2 Bring It In

Spreading furniture out in a space will actually make the room feel smaller. The pros tell us to gather the furniture together, creating a “group,” perfect for conversations or game night. This allows for other space in the room to remain “open.”

Side panel draperies Timan Window Treatments Cleveland, OH
Design Studio™ Draperies


#3 Allow Open Areas to Stay Open

You know those open spaces you’ve created? Resist the urge to fill them! Leaving areas that are free of furniture or other items will make your space look larger.

Roman shades in cleveland living room in open floor plan home
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


#4 Reevaluate Your “Stuff”

As you rearrange and try to make changes, it’s a good time to reevaluate what you have. Declutter items you aren’t using, and make sure everything you own has a “place” to be put away. Hang decor on the wall instead of taking up floor space. Thinking of new furniture? Big, bulky furniture might make a room feel cozy, but if you want a space to look larger, opt for low profile pieces.


#5 It’s All About Blending

No matter the color of your home, blending the colors is a sure way to expand the look. While light, neutral colors are more apt to make your space look larger, you will notice the same with any area where all the colors are blended. To create dimension and visual interest in your home while blending, choose fabrics and textures that pair well together.

neutral design in living room with drapery on tall windows and fabric shades
Design Studio™ Roman Shades


#6 Create a Statement Wall

Feature walls are huge in the design world, and they can trick the eye into making a space look larger. If your room is narrow, choose a horizontal pattern to widen the look. If you wish you had taller ceilings, choose a vertical pattern to raise the look of the ceiling. Angled walls can work to expand the look in every direction. Light colors, more than dark, will add “extra room” to final look.

small powder room with shiplap


#7 Time to Reflect

We aren’t talking about deep thinking, we’re talking about mirrors! When you add reflective surfaces to a space, it automatically expands the look. Try hanging mirrors in spaces that need to be enlarged, paying attention to how the reflection makes the room feel. You can go for a large mirror, or a wall space filled with smaller ones for a statement look.

dining room with large mirror can make your space look larger


#8 Modern Window Treatments

The art of the window…that’s what we like to call window coverings. As you have seen, draperies can take part in making your home seem taller. But, what about other window coverings? Blending the color of the fabric with the wall color is a great way to make your space look larger. Another consideration is upgrading to a modern look. Old, outdated window coverings can be bulky, and today’s modern systems can bring sleek, low profile design into your home.

home office with woven shades and draperies
Alustra® Woven Textures®


#9 Fresh Air & Beautiful Views

One more thing to consider about your window coverings is how they operate! Do you have easy access to landscape views and fresh air? It might be too cold to open up your windows right now, but by adjusting your shades open and allowing the winter sunlight to enter your home, it can easily “open up” the look, making your room seem bigger at any moment. From cordless designs that take a single adjustment, without the clutter of cords, to smart shades that adjust at a tap or voice command, you’ll gain access to those outdoor views in an instant. Our team at Timan Custom Window Treatments would love to help you create the right look in your home for a happy, healthy atmosphere. Get in touch with us for your FREE consultation.