Layered Fabrics are Trending

Have you heard what’s trending in home design today? Layered fabrics at the window, that’s what! Just as you layer wardrobe pieces to enhance your look, the same rules apply in home decor. With the help of featured fabric designer, Marcie Bronkar, we can unite color, pattern and texture together for a complete look. The results in your home will be stunning!

Design Plan: Be Yourself 

With the influence of traditional design concepts, Marcie Bronkar creates contemporary styles with a timeless look. You’ll feel a sense of home when reviewing her collection, the patterns feel familiar, yet new at the same time. Be true to yourself and allow some refreshed patterns to invigorate your home.  

Soften the Look 

All in all, it takes design knowledge and experience to soften the look of your home. If it’s a full-on neutral aesthetic you desire, we suggest layering fabrics and using texture to enrich the design. You’ll see how window coverings can help create height and dimension while enhancing the chic look you’re going for, resulting in a rich, completed look.

Marciie Bronkar layered fabrics in cleveland livingroom

Our designer details are meant to draw the eye upward to highlight the stunning arched windows. The low profile roman shades offer light control, but don’t compromise the gorgeous look of custom windows.  

You’re Moody Today

Don’t be offended, moody isn’t just an attitude, it’s an on-trend color scheme these days! Try it in your home, but be careful not to go overboard. Too much “moody” can be a turn off. Begin by choosing a darker palette and style with a mix of solids and patterns-it’s all about balance. Pay attention to the next step, it’s important.

amaryllis print on roman shade in moody design in cleveland home

Next, bring in plenty of light colors to stabilize the look. A perfect choice is the Amaryllis fabric collection featured above. It’s a timeless beauty. You can still maintain your moody look by layering darker solid fabric at either side of the window. An extra benefit to layering fabric at the window is added function. Want to learn more?

First Style, Next Function

We all know how important style is when making home design choices, but function is a close second. With layered fabrics, you can accomplish both. Look how layered fabric drapes provide the privacy and insulation you need. Next, by pairing roman shades, you can block UV rays and gain energy efficiency too. But, don’t stop there. To completely redefine your space, consider upgrades like automation or room darkening.  

bronkar fabric panels in lily in cleveland home

All in all, try to be intentional when outfitting your windows. This living room ensemble above is just one example of how a solid base shade can be enhanced by layering patterned draperies. You can have the best of both worlds, with custom fabrics in a variety of product choices. Make your windows the highlight of your well-appointed home.

Love Layers?

You’re not alone. Start by layering fabrics to create an elegant, yet functional look. Our experts can help you design the home of your dreams by introducing you to designer fabrics that compliment the look of your home. Get in touch with us today and let’s solve any window issues you may be experiencing together. FREE Consultations in-home or visit one of our Cleveland area showrooms.