The 5 Best Window Shades To Elevate Your View

Is one of your favorite things about your home the view? If so, we understand why window “coverings” might be a tricky situation. But, we’re here to help! We’ve got the 5 best window shades you should check out if you want to highlight the view! Having a front row seat to the exterior of your home is important, and it should be showcased. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for flooding light, a lack of privacy and relentless glare. Let’s take a look…

#1 The Pirouette

Let’s start off our list of the 5 best window shades to enhance your view with the “wow” factor of Pirouettes. We consider this collection one of our favorite “sheer shades,” but it also resembles roman shades when completely closed up. The fabric vanes rest flat, but when adjusted “open,” they simply fold in place to reveal sheer view-through for a dramatic backdrop.

tall floor to ceiling windows in dining room covered with pirouette sheer shades in Rocky River OH
Pirouette® Shades


#2 The Silhouette

Silhouettes are what most people think of when they hear “sheer shades.” These are the best window shades when it comes to adjusting a range of light control, from complete views and glowing light, to closed off comfort and enhanced light control. Additional features have been added to this collection to increase control and views. Clearview® offer sheers with a crisp look–almost like taking your regular photos to HDR. And, the latest innovation is Halo® which allows the floating vanes extended movement for increased directional changes.

silhouette shades reveal landscape view in Cleveland home
Silhouette® Shades


#3 Luminette Privacy Sheers

Huge windows? Sliding doors? You may want a vertical shades option. But, don’t worry–this collection can take your open view from landscape to closed-off in one simple rotation. They look like sheer draperies, but they act like shades. Within those drapery folds, they feature–almost invisible–vanes. Those vanes rest in one position for a wide open view. When rotated, they close everything off–even available for room darkening.

sliding door window treatments to show off view
Luminette® Privacy Sheers


#4 Screen Shades

Sometimes, the most simple system is best! Roller shades, including our Designer Screen Shades, are an incredible option for highlighting the landscape view just outside your windows. Offered in a range of colors, you can choose the look that fits your home best, while softening the light in your home. This collection is also available as dual roller shades, so if you need a solid room darkening option in addition to view-though, you can have it!

bathroom features for UV protection of interiors in Cleveland OH
Designer Screen Shades


#5 Designer Banded

For your largest windows, you can enjoy view-through and solid fabrics with one shade. The dual layers of fabric within the Designer Banded Shades collection adjust with a simple rotation to either show off the view, or close out the exterior for privacy and room darkening options. Available in horizontal lines of solid and sheer fabrics, or curved shapes with a geometric finish, not only can you control the light and privacy, but you will have an instant feature wall.

floor to ceiling drapery and gray designer window shades in Cleveland, OH
Designer Banded Shades


The 5 Best Window Shades…Which One Gets Your Vote?

Of all the best window shades, which collection is your favorite? We’d love to know! Come visit us in one of showrooms to check out the latest fabrics, features and innovations. Or, schedule your FREE design consultation in your own home so we can help you decide which shades will be perfect for you. Get in touch with our team, at Timan Window Treatments, today!