Put Morning Sunshine to Rest

The positive effects of sunshine are no secret. We know Vitamin-D and the healing rays of the sun can be an essential part of our well being. However, there are still times blocking out morning sunshine is necessary. We’re bringing shady solutions to the light.

Alarming Early Morning Sunshine

Unlike your alarm clock, you can’t press ‘snooze’ on the sun. Springtime brings the newness we all need after winter, but also the morning rays. Block it out with room darkening shades. This will allow you to wake up when you want, not when unwanted light does.

Large corner windows with floor to ceiling roller shades for room darkening
Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades


Home Office Ambiance

If you have a home office, you’re probably in there morning, afternoon, and night. Sunlight does not stay consistent, and depending on the time, it can be more or less harsh. Not having the correct window coverings solutions slows down productivity. Two of our favorite ways to make sure you can work uninterrupted are dual shades and top down shades.

Dual shades allow part of the window to be blocked, while the other portion showcases light-filtering material. You can also block the entire window, or none at all. It gives you incredible flexibility with how much or how little light exposure you prefer.

home office window shades for glare reduction in light gray fabric
Nantucket™ Window Shadings


Top Down Shades can cover the whole window, or if you bring the top down, can bring light just across the ceiling.

Update your home office in Cleveland with top down bottom up shades.

Smart Shades, Smart Move

The sun rises everyday so you can predict its arrival. Get ahead of the morning sunshine and schedule an automatic setting to anticipate the light. Smart shades can sync with the sun depending on location and time zone. This means you’ll have year round solutions.

smart phone control of smart shades
PowerView® Automation


Ready to Solve Morning Sunshine Issues?

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. ~ Ahem ~ Morning Sunshine. We have options for your home to tackle the sunshine and provide solutions. Our knowledgeable Timan Custom Window Treatments staff is ready to get you started with a free in-home design consultation. Contact our team today to make your mornings not just good, but great.