Staircase Windows: Get the Best Coverage

It’s not always easy to get the best coverage for your staircase windows without the help of an expert. The challenges can be anything like narrow space and high-to-reach places, not to mention lighting and privacy needs. Leave the problem solving to us, and begin to enjoy every inch of your home with the best window solutions.

How much privacy do you really need?

Every home is unique and every window is, too! A big reason we cover windows is for privacy, right? And, some windows require more protection than others. If you live in the city, you may want to create a heavy barrier between your living room and the sidewalk outside. But for the windows upstairs where no one can see in, less is more. It’s important to choose the best window treatment for each scenario. We can help you determine your needs.

Staircase in cleveland featuring Vignette® Modern Roman Shade
Vignette® Modern Roman Shade

Top down bottom up is a feature homeowners love for staircase windows. Its versatility works great for staircases as seen above. The ability to adjust throughout the day as the sun moves in the sky is one of its best features. Allow light in, but still keep your morning routine private.

Need Directions?

What direction do your staircase windows face? Think about it. It’s an important factor when determining the amount of coverage you will need. If your staircase windows are exposed to the sun all day, you’ll need to address how to protect your home from the high temps!

honeycomb insulate on staircase windows in cleveland
Duette® Honeycomb Shades


Consider the Space

Are your staircase windows part of the design of the structure? If so, there’s less room to bring in hanging fabrics, like drapes or roman shades. You’ll need a low profile treatment that fits close and tight to your window.

low profile for staircase windows in cleveland loft
Designer Roller Shades


All About the View

For many clients, their staircase windows provide a stunning view to the outdoors. It’s important that we don’t obstruct their most valuable feature. We have solutions that will protect privacy, filter light and still allow for that amazing view!

wall of staircase windows in designer home in cleveland, ohio
Designer Screen Shades

Screen shades can be a great solution for a wall of staircase windows. They will protect your furnishings from UV rays and keep your energy bills from becoming too hot to handle. They look sleek, modern and come in amazing colors, too!

Do You Have a Style Favorite?

As you can see, with the right guidance, fitting staircase windows can be simple. You can keep your view, get all the privacy and protection you’ve been wanting…all with the added benefit of custom design. Come into our showroom and see for yourself the many products we offer OR we can come to you for an in-home FREE Consultation. Either way, we’d love to meet you!