Exterior Screen Shades: Enjoy the Outdoors!

It’s an exciting time of year…the sun seems brighter, the temps have increased. Could it be that we get to enjoy outdoor time again? If you have a covered patio, pergola or gazebo area, you know this starts the season of outdoor living! But, as much as we love being outdoors, the elements can get in the way. Let’s take a look at what Exterior Screen Shades can do…

Love Your View Even More

Your outdoor space is exactly that…outdoors. If you want protection from the elements, without taking away from the view, light filtering screen shades will be a fabulous choice. The glare is reduced and direct rays are softened, while the view is there to be enjoyed.

motorized screen roller shades on patio in Cleveland OH

Discover Adjustable Comfort

Your patio area might get sun constantly throughout the day–entering from one direction or another. On an overcast day, you might be fine. But, those cloud-free days? The sun’s rays can put a damper on your relaxation time. With exterior screen shades or draperies added to your outdoor space, you can make adjustments to fit your schedule.

outdoor drapery on pergola

One Tap Control

Your outdoor space is all about relaxation–why add extra effort? Make your experience that much better with motorized exterior screen shades. They’ll adjust with the touch of a button, creating just the right atmosphere for some quiet solitude or a gathering of friends.

gray exterior roller shades on gray home in Rocky River OH

Say Goodbye to Bugs

Is there someone in your family who is a mosquito magnet? With the right kind of exterior screen shades, being outdoors in the evening will be so much better! Close the shades before the bugs start buzzing, and you can relax in comfort while *most* of the pests are kept away.

automatic outdoor shades for patio room


Find Your Favorite Exterior Screen Shades!

Is this the year you upgrade your patio area with adjustable shades or draperies? We’d love to help you find the system that works best for you! Northeastern Ohio has amazing summers–and this is the perfect way to enjoy them even more. Get in touch with our team at Timan Custom Window Treatments to schedule your FREE consultation.