Create the Staycation of Your Dreams

Have you ever considered making your home more like a vacation spot? Home should be ‘where the heart is,’ or at least the place you head to when you want to feel peaceful, relaxed and at ease. Let’s explore what it take to create your very own staycation…

Step Away from the Daily Grind

One aspect we all love about going on vacation is escaping the daily grind & the household chores. Have you ever thought about hiring some help for those on-going responsibilities every now and then to give yourself a break? A chef to cook dinner one night, a laundry service to reduce the “load,” or a cleaning team to get your home looking sparkling clean while you enjoy time with the family–no matter which chore you’d like to escape, by treating yourself, your whole world will seem more like a vacation.

chef preps meal at home
Jonathan Borba


Be a Tourist

Do friends and family come to the Cleveland area to visit–wondering what top sights they should visit while in town? It’s time to be a tourist. If there are recommendations you regularly give, consider taking your own advice. Progressive Field, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Metroparks Zoo…the Cleveland area is full of great places and things to do. Do you find yourself saying “Someday” to any of the popular attractions? Enjoy a staycation in your own area, and return to home in the evening.

Cleveland Museum of Art armor room

Vacation Comforts

Most hotels and vacation homes have one thing in common–the sleep comforts. Many times, people leave vacation commenting how well they slept. Down pillows, high thread count sheets, blackout shades…these are a few of the intentional ways your stay could have been memorable. But, you don’t have to go on vacation to experience a good night’s sleep. If you do anything to create a staycation in your home, it should be to harness the aspects you’ve loved and mimic them in your own home. We might not be able to help you with the perfect bedding, but when it comes to room darkening and blackout shades, we would love to guide you!

sheer shades Cleveland
Silhouette® Shades with Duolite® Dual Shades


Live Outdoors

We have some of the most beautiful outdoor weather in this part of the country–at least for a few months of the year. You’ve got to make the most of May through September. Outdoor living has become such a popular movement due to the beautiful weather and the chance we have to extend our living area. There’s something special about having a peaceful area to sip coffee in the morning, or relax with friends in the evening.

backyard gazebo with outdoor furniture for entertaining in Cleveland
Backyard Makeover


Design the Atmosphere

Once the house is clean, you’ve had a good night of sleep, followed by a full day of fun, and you’re returning home, what really matters is the atmosphere. Harsh sunlight can kill the relaxing vibes. Glare can chase you out of your favorite spot. The heat of summer entering through the glass of your windows is the worst. When you want to design the perfect atmosphere for your every-day-staycation, look no further than the right window treatments.

woven wood shades filter light on large windows in a staycation home in Cleveland
Provenance® Woven Woods

At Timan Window Treatments, we’d love to be part of your journey in making your Cleveland area home your favorite staycation space. With the right window coverings, you can increase the style, comfort and ability to relax. Who could ask for more? Get in touch with our team for your FREE consultation.