Help Your Kids Sleep Better

Parents wrestle with a recurring question: How can I help my kids sleep better? It’s more than just heavy eyelids and weary expressions; the repercussions of insufficient sleep extend far and wide. This is noticeable in their emotions, overall well-being, and even their self-discipline. As if these challenges weren’t enough, this turmoil can infiltrate every nook and cranny of the household. We’re going to introduce you to some thought-provoking concepts…

Engaging the 5 Senses

Although it might seem simple, embarking on the journey to improve your kids’ sleep entails making use of all five senses.


Smell is the best place to start when crafting the perfect ambiance for a restful night’s sleep. Fun fact: research points to specific scents that can foster a calming atmosphere conducive to improved sleep. Scents like rose, lavender, and chamomile are soothing and great to incorporate. This can be done with aroma diffusers, luxurious lotions, and fragrant bath salts.

Alustra® Woven Textures® in white covering black trim windows. They are hanging over a white acrylic dresser with a white vase that has peach roses in it.
Alustra® Woven Textures®



We’re all familiar with the concept of “white noise” that blocks out distractions. Achieving this serenity is a breeze with the help of a fan or a white noise machine. Window fabrics are a great way to reduce noise. They effectively transform bedrooms into serene sanctuaries. We suggest considering window treatments and draperies that excel in absorbing sound. An example is honeycomb shades.

automated child proof shades cleveland oh
Pirouette® window shades with PowerView® Automation



Every parent is aware of their child’s food preferences. It is important to remember that certain foods can either disrupt or enhance sleep. Consuming specific foods close to bedtime might hinder rest, while other bedtime snacks can encourage longer and more tranquil sleep for children.

Applause® Honeycomb Shades in a child's bedroom. They are covering two windows on the left and back window with a twin bed to the right.
Applause® Honeycomb Shades



Bright lights can disrupt sound sleep. Kids have a tendency to wake up at any sight of light coming into their bedroom. Once they’re awake, the entire household might stir. Many children find it challenging to sleep if they awaken in the morning or the middle of the night. Stopping excessive light from flooding into bedrooms becomes a top priority. Light can seep through gaps in shades, and depending on window orientation, it can flood the room with illumination. Parents tend to opt for draperies that effectively block out this “halo” of light, or LightLock feature to effectively seal out any unwanted light.

room darkening shades in window seat reading nook
Duette® LightLock™ Honeycomb Shades



The selection of bedroom materials has a big impact on kids’ sleep quality. Sometimes, it entails ensuring a cost atmosphere, while at other times, it’s about maintaining a cool temperature. Generally, bedroom temperatures should be kept below 75ºF. The appropriate fabrics in your room-darkening shades and curtains can also help in maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Provenance® Woven Woods in a bedroom with white bunk beds, pink bedspreads and a solid blue wall opposite of a blue and pink wallpaper wall that has three windows
Provenance® Woven Woods


Craving Enhanced Sleep for Your Kids?

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