Keep Your Home Cool: Window Covering Edition

Has the heat of summer started already? It’s only going to intensify as we near July and August. We are here with some information to help you how to keep your home cool with the right window treatments. But, before we get to that list, it’s important to understand WHY your windows are culprits and what the coverings actually do.

Let’s Talk Heat Transfer

Have you heard of heat transfer? It’s the way the solar heat increases the temperature of your home, resulting in what is known as heat gain. And, even if these terms don’t sound familiar, as soon as we give you some examples, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

#1 Radiant Heat: 

This is what happens when sunlight hits a surface. Walk through your home, and it might not feel hot (yet), but if you find that spot on the carpet where the light has made contact with the floor? It’s HOT. We call these hot spots, and you know who loves them? Your pets. That blasting heat feels like a sauna, and they are always ready to curl up for a snooze. So, what’s the problem?

before and after window treatments showing radiant heat hot spots creating warm interiors

Once the sun heats up the “hot spot,” the stuffy air in your home is influenced by that heat gain, spiking the interior temperatures. This is why hot rooms can occur even on a chilly day outside. The air moves so much outside that even when hot spots are created, the moving air cools down the surrounding area. You only have your AC to do that job in the summer time, and those energy bills will feel it.

#2 Convection:

You’ll relate to the term convection most easily with the phrase, “Heat rises.” The basic concept of convection teaches us that less dense air (hotter) rises, while more dense air (cooler) sinks. You’ll feel this at night after an afternoon of exhausting temperatures. The second floor–and normally the bedrooms–are stuffy and hot. When it comes to windows, convection is the way heat is transferred at the window. Exterior air is always moving, even if it’s not windy. That moving air carries hotter air to cooler windows on hot days. Then, it carries the heat away from the windows on cold days. With windows, insulation is important to prevent the exterior air from influencing the temperature of interior air.

#3 Conduction: 

With this type of heat transfer, we are talking about solid objects. That spoon in your coffee–it might be room temperature when you put it in the mug, but it doesn’t stay that way. The spoon acts as a conductor of heat, with the bottom of the spoon taking on the heat initially, but then the entire spoon can eventually heat up from the process of conduction. When the sunlight hits the surface of the window on a hot day, the glass of the window can heat up, transferring heat to the interior side of the glass. That glass surface is not responsible for influencing interior air because inside of your home, there’s not escape.

bright kitchen with bare windows and no protection from the sun

The worst thing for keeping your home comfortable? Bare windows. That’s not shocking that we would recommend options for covering windows, but trust us, window shades are an investment. And, you want to make sure you get the right ones so you get that best results!

Do you need energy efficient shades on EVERY window?

Probably not. If you have decent windows with an acceptable R-value, and they aren’t constantly in the sun, you may not get the intense sunshine. But, if your South-facing windows get blasted all day during the summer, or if West-facing windows have no trees around to block the late afternoon rays, find the best energy saving window treatments will be life-changing!

after bare windows get covered with honeycomb shades, the atmosphere is pleasant and you can keep your home cool

Discover Energy Saving Window Treatments

When we say “Award Winning,” we aren’t just giving them a cute nickname. Honeycomb Shades have won industry awards and the highest performance ratings for energy efficiency. It’s the cellular structure that gives your home this profound protection. The cells insulate the window, creating a barrier to keep the exterior air from influencing the interior air. They also block the rays of sun from entering and causing hot spots. Rover may not be happy about it, but his owner sure will be!

keep your home cool with honeycomb shades
Duette® Honeycomb Shades


Did you realize there’s a NEW type of cellular shade on the market? Sonnette is an exclusive collection from Hunter Douglas–a cellular shade that acts as a roller shade, rolling up and into the headrail. We never thought we’d have a roller shade with such incredible energy efficiency. And yet, here we are. The barrier of insulation is at the window. The light is blocked. And, when you need to reveal your gorgeous landscape, you can do exactly that.

blue cabinetry and modern bar area with large picture windows and shades
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades


Draperies are a gorgeous way to enhance the look of your home. It’s no secret that they–not only add to the style of your home, but–also offer amazing benefits of light control, privacy and…energy efficiency! Certain fabrics work better than others to insulate your home and block intense sunshine. Liners can be added for areas of your home that receive the majority of the summertime sunshine. Your window covering specialist will be a welcome guide for which fabrics are going to work best in your home.

custom window treatments as dark olive drapery in modern loft apartment dining room in Westlake OH home
Custom Drapery


Want to keep your home cool in the summer? We have to talk about shutters. That’s right…shutters. Shutters frame your windows, reducing air flow. Close the louvers up tight, and very little exterior air will have an effect on the interior air. Plus, you won’t be prone to hot spots. But, even with the louvers adjusted open, the air flow is still reduced. You can also adjust the louvers to shine any natural light up toward the ceiling, illuminating the space, but no hot spots. Sorry, Fluffy.

breakfast nook with black shutters floor to ceiling showing outdoors
Heritance® Hardwood Shutters


A favorite for generations, roman shades are a stunning way to cover windows in your home. Did you realize they have energy saving properties? To begin with, you can have liners added to provide even more protection. Liners are often neutral in color, similar from window to window. That neutral color won’t absorb the sun’s intense light, instead reflecting it away from your home. Another aspect to keep in mind about roman shades is that they have folds of fabric that take shape at the window. Those shapes often act as an insulating force. You’ll keep the rays of sunshine out and stay insulated at the same time!

Roman shades in cleveland living room in open floor plan home
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


It’s not often that you’d see sheer shades in an article about energy efficiency. But, here is why they are important. The sheer fabrics actually reflect the sunlight outward, keeping hot spots from forming. They diffuse that heavy, intense sunlight that cause the “stuffy” feeling in your home. They’re a great option for windows that get direct light for a portion of the day, but not all day long–like East-facing windows.

silhouette shades on bare windows for best dining room window treatments in Cleveland OH
Silhouette® window shades

Need Ways Keep Your Home Cool?

As you can see, there are a number of ways that your Northeastern Ohio home experiences heat gain. But, the window covering specialists at Timan Custom Window Treatments have some great Hunter Douglas window treatments to show you! Reduce the heat gain in your home while you increase the style! Let’s get started today with a free in-home design appointment.