Building a New Home

Building a New Home or Remodeling?

Don’t let bare windows leave you uneasy on move-in day!

What stage of the process are you in?

research for building a new house

The Research Phase

Planning for a New Home

Making Decisions

Are you wondering what’s out there? The latest textiles are gorgeous–full of on-trend colors, with patterns and textures to coordinate your home. Not only will they create the ideal style backdrop, but the solutions they provide will be life-changing. Have you done this before? You’ve got to see what’s new! You may have favorites in mind, but with a one-on-one appointment with a design expert, you’ll see a range of inspiration.

What Does Your Timeline Look Like?

If you’re building a new home, or renovating your existing home, your timeline is probably customized to the project. But, in general, we like to tell clients that if you’re selecting paint colors, it’s a good time to start browsing fabrics for your new window coverings. You’ll add an incredible level of style to your new space with our beautiful fabrics. Inspirational photos will help you to picture everything in your new home. You can easily stop in to one of our Northeastern Ohio design centers in Chagrin Falls, Rocky River or Cleveland, to see everything in person, including operating systems. And, we’d be happy to meet up with you for a design consultation to show you samples and inspiration.

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Smart Home Integration

Curious about Automated Blinds & Shades?

With a new home build, you might be considering a number of smart home features. Have you thought about motorized shades? The intuitive technology is certainly life-changing. And, while building a new home, or renovating, installing hardwired blinds is easier than ever. Bring us into this process as early as you can. We can ensure the wiring we need is done by a specialist–your electrician can easily add this to the other wiring as soon as the framework is in place. You won’t need batteries for your motorized blinds–saving you money in the long run!

Already Have Wiring?

If the wiring is already in place, we are happy to send one of our experts to your home to confirm if the current wiring is usable, or if we need an alternative.

How Does Smart Home Integration Work?

The Hunter Douglas Smart Shade System is compatible, across the board, with many of the smart systems out there. Our automation experts are certified and trained to integrate your smart shades with your integration system of choice. Some examples are Alexa, Control 4, Google Home, Elan & more. Feel free to reach out with questions about integration with your preferred system.

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selecting window coverings for smart home build Cleveland OH

Making Selections

Choosing Functional Features

Just like planning the rooms of your new home build or remodeling project, the features you choose are customized to the way you’ll use the spaces. Bedrooms are a perfect example. Room darkening is a go to functional feature for the bedrooms in your home, ensuring all family members get a good night sleep from day one! Other spaces, like your entryway, need features that allow for natural light to enter, while privacy is maintained. This is where we’ll guide you, going through each room in your new home, making choices and planning with you.

The Next Step

After the planning, it’s measurement time. While your new home may seem far from finished, we can actually take final measurements once the framing and sheetrock is in place–all mudded and taped.

Customized to You

Your design consultant will walk you through the process–one that’s customized to you and your timeline in regard to building your new home. Some clients decide to order everything at once, and others stagger their orders. It’s okay to get high priority rooms done as soon as possible, with others planned for future projects.

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budgeting for building a new house


What Does Budgeting Look Like?

Have you gotten a quote for window treatments before? Or, is this the first time? While it may come as a surprise to you, budgeting is important. Across the window covering industry, this has become more and more true. The durability, the innovation, the quality of products–you deserve to get the best for what you’re buying. Window coverings are an investment in the quality of life of your family.

We are here to customize the process for you. That means we want you to choose the products and features that fit your lifestyle–and your budget. Your window covering specialist will tailor the ordering process, adjusting your custom order so you are comfortable with what you’re spending. We appreciate the range of products and features offered with Hunter Douglas, just one more reason we are an exclusive dealer. The budget is yours. The preferences and affordability are set with your choices.

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You Deserve the Best

Why Hunter Douglas?

We strive to offer you the best products, with a longstanding reputation for quality and performance. The value of Hunter Douglas products is in line with our beliefs. These products and features you select will be a huge part of your life for years to come. You deserve the best.

Why Timan?

We have a mission. Providing high quality window treatments and top-notch customer service are the building blocks of our business. When you remodel your home, or build a new home, you invest an incredible amount of time and money. It should be everything you want it to be. With this process, you’ll make a decision about which company to work with, depend on and trust. At Timan, we’ll be with you, each step of the way.

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