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Designer Banded Shades

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The coolest dual roller shades EVER! Meet Designer Banded Shades…

  • Two Rotating Layers of Solids & Sheers
  • View Through to Closed Off
  • Shapes Add Dynamic Feature

Sheer fabrics and solid fabrics alternate to create a patterned appearance, with versatile function. Two layers rotate slightly to transform the atmosphere, from view-through to closed off. When changing the position of the fabrics, you can also showcase altered shapes for a dynamic backdrop. Enjoy light filtering and room darkening in the same shade system. When you want them up and out of the way, they disappear into the headrail. Learn More.

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Incredible Function

Dual coverings are a great way to add a range of light control to your home. Light filtering in one position, room darkening in another. With these banded rollers, the two layers of fabrics simply need to shift to completely transform the atmsophere of the room. And, while they do rotate from sheer shapes to solids, the entire shae system can roll up into the headrail for an unobstructed view.

Dramatic Style

We often talk about window coverings being the “art” of the window. They are–and it’s no more evident than with this collection of window treatments. Choose from the organized look of striped solids and sheers, or the dynamic backdrop of curved geometric shapes. With a selection of fabrics in beautiful colors, from neutrals to bold hues, a feature wall is waiting with these window coverings on your largest windows.

Our Favorite Solutions

Ideal for large windows, you’ll set a scene in your home, while adding light control and privacy. Add automation to watch your window treatments adjust themselves over the course of the day, with a tap or with voice command. It’s enhanced convenience & security in one. For rooms where you want room darkening, but you don’t want to feel like you live in a cave, this shade system is the perfect combination.

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Designer Banded Shades